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Voting rights at stake in petition drive, legislative maneuvering

 The “Secure MI Vote” petition is making its way around Michigan communities. The petition is designed to change election laws in Michigan, including a requirement for in-person voters to present a partial Social Security number and photo ID. It would also require absentee voters to provide either of these on absentee ballot applications. Any individual who is unable to provide a photo ID would be required to present one in person within six days if their vote is to be counted.

People draw a slip out of a hat

150-150 tie vote in Leslie City Council election leads to tie-breaker

Barb Byrum, Ingham County ClerkGrady Doane’s representative chose the “Elected” lot at the Ingham County Board of Canvassers meeting. The final seat for the City of Leslie’s City Council was not decided until two days after the Nov 2 election. Grady Doane and Robert Stacy finished the night tied at 150 votes each. A tie-breaker at the Ingham County Board of Canvassers meeting on Nov. 4 resulted in Doane being named victor.

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Potter Park Zoo kicks off fall with Zootacular

Families gathered at the Potter Park Zoo through October to join in the Fall Zootacular. Thomas ChavezCostumed families walk the paths of the Potter Park Zoo during the Fall Zootacular. The Zoo’s three-weekend event is highlighted by a straw maze, an inflatable obstacle course, candy stations and more

Everyone at the zoo was in the Halloween spirit, and the zoo provided plenty of activities. Nathan Holstrom said he was grateful for more than just the activities available for his son. Holstrom said he had nothing but praise for how the Potter Park Zoo welcomed his family.

A role of stickers for voters sit on a table at a voting precinct in Delhi Township.

Ingham’s fifth re-audit again confirms result of never-ending 2020 election

The 2020 General Election seems to be never-ending for for Ingham County Officials. On Oct. 8, the Michigan Auditor General’s Office notified several Michigan counties, including Ingham County, that they would have to re-audit the 2020 General Election results. The results have been confirmed — again. This marks the fifth time Ingham County’s election results have been evaluated.

Ingham adopts new commission district map

Ingham CountyThis is the map of 15 districts adopted by the Ingham County Commission in October, 2021. After weeks of meetings, the Ingham County Apportionment Commission has chosen a new map for commission districts. The map, proposed by Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum, was adopted by the Commission at its Oct. 8 meeting. The map increases Ingham County’s commissioner count from 14 to 15.