Saline district library evolves in digital age

In an overwhelmingly digital age, what role does a local library play in a community like Saline? Jess Hesselgrave said an important one. Hesselgrave, head of adult services at the Saline District Library, said she thinks good libraries in towns the size of Saline have evolved to be more like community centers in the year 2019. “We still have a very high circulation rate for physical materials like books as well as digital materials like DVDs or Blu-rays,” Hesselgrave said. “Plus, our meeting rooms and study rooms are in constant use, and we usually have a ton of people here in general.”

Hesselgrave, who lives in Whitmore Lake and has worked at the Saline District Library for two years after having worked at libraries in Ann Arbor and Salem/South Lyon, said in Saline she has more creative freedom at her job.