Student signs into vote at the MSU Union

Students take advantage of on-campus polls

Bella Montagno, who said she wanted to vote for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and all three of the proposals on Michigan’s ballot, didn’t have to go far. 

She is an English major at Michigan State University and voted at the MSU Union.

East Lansing had campus precincts at the Union, Brody Hall and three at IM West.

Customer shopping at Thomas' Natural Roots

Here’s how South Lansing’s farmers market closed 2022

As the fall season clearly shows its colors the harvest season is coming to its close. Upon entering the market one can see people with table stands and vehicles parked nearby. This vendor had their car trunks or doors open to store merchandise. Kevin Thomas, co-owner of Thomas’ Natural Roots was at a table with many potted plants, bottled seasonings and vegetables. 

Thomas said, “Our company grows many different spices and primarily specializes in peppers. Our company sells pepper seasonings as well as the plant.”

“We grow many variants of peppers including chili peppers, ghost chili peppers, and the Carolina reaper; the hottest pepper in the world.”Kevin Thomas

As the growing season is nearing its conclusion, the way in which vegetables and fruits are changed for the season.

There is never an off-season for Mason community gardeners

Walking pathway for the garden

It’s never too late in the year to take care of your garden. As harvesting season comes to its end during October, there is plenty of work to do for the next season. Marsha Erics says she’s been gardening at the Mason Community Garden for the past year. “Growing food for the home and food bank is convenient,” she says. 

Erics said food grown in the garden is great for the community because it’s being sent to homes and food banks. The garden is all organic. She said the garden allows residents to rent space for $20 per growing season.