“That smile of his”

MSU Sophomore Michael Zyrek is loved around East Lansing. He’s the President of Sigma Nu and impacted a lot of Spartan lives throughout his two years. But during a workout with one of his close friends mid-February, he began having a raging headache and texted his girlfriend saying something just felt off. It was then a split-second decision by her to leave a Zoom class, not even wearing shoes, and rush him to Sparrow Hospital. Just seconds after walking through the automatic doors, he collapsed unconscious.

MSU students hope for unity after the election

November in Michigan means many things each year: turning our clocks back one hour, the magical color changes in our leaves, and on those rare four year occasions, the change in the face of a nation. Election Tuesday on Nov. 3rd saw six different buildings on MSU’s campus turn into polling stations for the day. But whether voting at the Union, Brody Cafe or even at I.M. West, there were no lines to be seen. COVID-19 caused the largest proportion of Americans in the history of our election process to vote via mail this year.

Friendship forged by a Frisbee

The start to the Mel Tucker era officially began with a shock defeat to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights last Saturday. But this year, the home opener looked quite different inside Spartan Stadium; instead of a packed student section, cardboard cutouts looked on from the fifty yard line. But it was not just the two-legged fans who were missing. It was also one with four, and a tail. Zeke the Wonder Dog has been a staple of MSU’s home football games since the late 1970s.

The $27,000 idea that saved The Curious Book Shop

In recent years, it seems like Grand River Ave. only continues to become more populated with towering new apartment complexes or new restaurants. Yet through it all, the little brick sliver of a storefront between Snap Pizza and Tin Can has stood the test of time. Ray Walsh has been collecting and selling books ever since he stepped foot on Michigan State’s campus as a student. Now at 70 years old, he has spent more than half a century running the seemingly endless shelves of novels and comics at the Curious Book Shop.

Crown Boxing Club adjusts to support kids during the pandemic

For over fifty years, Crown Boxing Club has been helping underprivileged youth stay off the streets. Through Ali Easley’s “H.A.W.K.” program, the gym teaches young boxers the art of the one-two combo, gives them access to tutors and even a dinner program. But for the first time in its history, the gym is now closed. With COVID-19 continuing to spread across Lansing, Easley now has to explore new ways to teach the art of boxing.

Grabbing life by the bow

Four days a week, the Freihofer household fills with sound. Caroline Freihofer has spent 34 years of her life giving back to young violinists by teaching lessons out of her home to 18 students. From ages three all the way to 50, she works with a wide variety of experience levels. Usually, there is steady student traffic all the way up until the late evening. But after Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s order to shelter in place for the state, she is grabbing life by the bow and taking on a whole new challenge.

Andy Schor

Lansing budget would power all city buildings with 100% renewable energy by July

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor proposed a plan March 25 to use 100 percent renewable energy for all city government buildings. This would make Lansing the first city in Michigan to do so. Part of his budget proposal included a plan to buy renewable energy credits from the Lansing Board of Water and Light. “We decided that the city of Lansing should be a leader and should purchase renewable power,” said Schor. “We looked at our budget, and we made this a priority.”

Councilmember Peter Spadafore commended Schor.

Gregory Eaton: The man who never misses a Super Bowl

At age 79, Gregory Eaton keeps a very busy schedule. He is an entrepeneur, business owner, and lifelong sports fan. Growing up in Lansing provided him with countless sporting event experiences that led him to where he is today, being a member of the Never Miss a Super Bowl Club.

The Soup Spoon Cafe: A Lansing breakfast favorite

The Soup Spoon Cafe is considered to be one of Lansing’s top rated breakfast destinations. Receiving rave reviews on websites like Yelp, Facebook and more, the menu and ambience provides an experience that keeps customers coming back. Here is an inside look into a morning at The Soup Spoon.