Friendship forged by a Frisbee

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The start to the Mel Tucker era officially began with a shock defeat to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights last Saturday. But this year, the home opener looked quite different inside Spartan Stadium; instead of a packed student section, cardboard cutouts looked on from the fifty yard line. But it was not just the two-legged fans who were missing.

It was also one with four, and a tail. Zeke the Wonder Dog has been a staple of MSU’s home football games since the late 1970s. Due to COVID-19, however, MSU fans’ favorite furry friend and his head trainer, Jim Foley, have been denied access to perform.

One reporter from the Athletic, however, hatched an idea that Spartan fans raved about. Colton Pouncey, a Spartan football beat reporter, proposed that players should toss Zeke a frisbee anytime the defense causes a turnover. The team are ecstatic about the idea and are hoping that this will be there way to call enough attention to their absence and bring Zeke back onto midfield.

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