The $27,000 idea that saved The Curious Book Shop

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In recent years, it seems like Grand River Ave. only continues to become more populated with towering new apartment complexes or new restaurants. Yet through it all, the little brick sliver of a storefront between Snap Pizza and Tin Can has stood the test of time.

Ray Walsh has been collecting and selling books ever since he stepped foot on Michigan State’s campus as a student. Now at 70 years old, he has spent more than half a century running the seemingly endless shelves of novels and comics at the Curious Book Shop.

COVID-19 has taken it’s toll on a lot of small businesses in the Lansing area. When the first wave struck the United States back in March, the lack of foot traffic forced the store to close for two months. But a few of Walsh’s clerks put their heads together on a way to raise enough money to keep the shop alive… something that ended up raising $27,000 dollars.

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