Resale store in Williamston combats COVID-19 virtually

Many small businesses continue to be affected by COVID-19. As the pandemic surges on, businesses are having to adapt as they try to survive these tumultuous times. For one resale boutique in Williamston, they celebrated their one-year anniversary this August. A first-year that was unexpected and full of uncertainty. “It was definitely worrying,” said co-owner Garrett Gabriel.

Sports never stops. At least it never did.

COVID-19 has sidelined many professions including those in sports. Senior athletes in college and high school are feeling the effects as spring seasons are canceled in response to this crisis.

Williamston voter turnout exceeds expectations

Williamston voter turnout was surprisingly high for the March 10 Michigan Primary. This primary was a good stepping stone in the preparation process for the general election on Nov. 3.

Williamston boys basketball fights for first in the CAAC Red

The Williamston Hornets are fighting for their eighth straight league title as they face off against Mason on Feb. 28. As they look forward to Districts, they will have a chance to redeem themselves from one of the two losses on the season, when they play Lansing Eastern in the first round.

The Golden Dandelion celebrates six months of business

The Golden Dandelion opened in August 2019 in Williamston. They just recently celebrated the six month anniversary of its opening. The Golden Dandelion is a women’s resale shop, tailored to selling clothes at affordable prices. The store is co-owned by a mother and son, Sheila and Garrett Gabriel.

Williamston advances toward RRC certification

The Williamston City Council met on Feb. 10 to discuss the results of their Redevelopment Ready Communities evaluation. RRC Planner Brett Hanlon presented to the council about his findings and what they have to proceed to do to reach certification. Williamston will continue on the path to becoming a certified RRC community in the coming month.