Donuts on the go

On the stretch of grand river, donuts on the go. Petey’s Donuts is now opened on Albert and Division selling cinnamon sugar and plain donuts. For just a dollar, these donuts are made fresh every day and the truck is out from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m.

“Wow… that’s a sugary donut right there.” said MSU student Devin Young.

A fight for life

Today, opioid addiction is a growing epidemic that is taking the lives of many people. In order to educate the community on this drug, a panel of experts gathered on March 15th  in Lansing. Among these panelists was a father, Mike Hirst, who lost his son from a heroin overdose in 2010. Mike Hirst made it his mission to educate others on opiate abuse and offer his support. “After I saw the pain and the anguish he went through, and many of his friends went through; I had a moral responsibility,” said Hirst.

Common Core, no more?

Educators throughout Michigan have been teaching to the Common Core State Standards since it was adopted in 2010. Recently, a lawmaker proposed a bill to repeal these standards in Michigan.