Impression 5 science center provides great interactive learning, but always room to improve, say residents and organization

LANSING — Science has a home in the heart of Ingham County. “What we are trying to achieve is giving a space for children to hone their scientific behavior, a space that they can explore things like critical thinking and collaboration and scientific content” says Erik Larson, executive director at the science and learning center Impression 5. Impression 5 is located in downtown Lansing and provides a unique and informal learning environment for children and their families to get excited about science. Larson says, “Impression 5 was created … to create an interactive learning environment so…

Drink up? Depends on where you live

By BAILEY LASKE Capital News Service LANSING – If you’re thinking of moving in Michigan and worry about water quality, finding the perfect area might be harder than you think. Because of  a wide variety of contaminants, pinpointing one area … Continue reading →

Volunteer programs seek to supplement local park maintenance

Kacie Kefgen brings her kids to Harrison Meadows Neighborhood Park almost every day and runs nearby trails three times a week. Kefgen, who lives in a neighborhood near Northern Tier Trail, is one of many East Lansing residents who regularly take advantage of park and recreation sites in East Lansing. “We can see how many people use the trail from our house,” said Kefgen. “Even in the cold part of the winter, especially on the weekends, you will see people running and walking their dogs.” While many residents enjoy the local parks and trail systems, maintenance of these areas is a shared responsibility. According to Tim McCaffrey, director of the East Lansing Department of Parks, Recreation & Arts, the majority of park maintenance is the responsibility of the city organization, but volunteer work plays an important role.

Special Olympics brings new opportunity to students in Mason

Students with disabilities in and around Mason are getting the chance to showcase their skills and interact with other students reaching for the same goal thanks to one of Michigan’s largest Special Olympics program. Over 3,200 athletes have joined Special Olympics Michigan Area 8, competing in 21 different sports through out the Ingham and Eaton county area which includes Mason and is one of the largest groups in Michigan with one-tenth of the 27,000 athletes, according to Anne Goudie, Special Olympics Michigan Area 8 director. Getting a chance to work with others who may possess similar disabilities and develop skills they haven’t yet discovered in themselves is a big part of the reason to why this program has been so successful. Expert in special education, Dr. Steve Imber said, “In many ways I think students with disabilities want to be accepted. Playing sports can help build self esteem …

Ingham County animal shelters work to find homes for pets in dead of winter

More and more urban residents face the problem of how to handle their pets. For people who don’t have enough money or friends, they may abandon the pets. The winter in Michigan is extremely cold, and people can’t live long hours outside. Animals can’t hold on for a long time, either. Sydney Moroney is the manager of the Capital Area Humane Society.

New President For MSU

John Engler has quickly adjusted into his position making decisions and executing plans to move forward as his first few weeks as interim president. Hiring Public Relations, Law, and Investigative firms to help move him through the Nassar scandal. “He started day one, and it wasn’t like it was a start up, he started making moves, moving through, and moving people in,” John Truscott, Engler’s public relations said. Forming an expert advisory work group for relationship violence and sexual misconduct. This group will look into previous and future reports to reorganize the universities workshops like Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV).