College students volunteer at Michigan Association of Students Councils to support high schoolers

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The Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies (MASC/MAHS) is a leadership organization throughout the state of Michigan that creates a community where college and high school students can come together and support one another.

MASC/MAHS offers a college program where college students apply to volunteer their time and help facilitate different events that the organization has to offer, such as a week-long summer camp.

“I went to camp, and it was the first time that someone in my life had sat me down and been like ‘You know that you are able to do the things that you want to do right?’” said Piper Kraft, MASC/MAHS chairperson for community outreach. “There are people who care about you and people who want you to do that.”

MASC/MAHS Summer Leadership Camp T-shirt logo.

This organization allows high school students access to resources for developing leadership skills, participating in community service and fundraising for other organizations that they can implement into their high schools. 

“It allows you to see a lot of the inner workings behind how stuff gets done. Whether it’s local government, national government or just within companies, how you get stuff done in a meaningful way,” said Kraft.

While facilitating events, college student volunteers, who were high school members years ago, get to watch current high school students grow as leaders within their community.

“When I was a camper, I remember I shared a vulnerable story and I was really scared about it, and immediately someone in my group shared one that was similar. Then I remember being a counselor and watching a similar situation happen,” said Kraft.

Not only does volunteering within the college program allow college students to help high schoolers develop their skills, but college students get to share and expand their talents as well as they work towards their career goals. For example, Sedona Bassler, chair of the social media committee for MASC/MAHS, wants to pursue a career in media.

“I’m the chair of the social media committee. So it’s a cool way for me to tie in what I’m going to school for and what I’m passionate about” Bassler said.

Overall, both high school students and college student volunteers are impacted by MASC/MAHS.

“As a college junior, I’m basing my career goals on the fact that I love doing the programming at MASC/MAHS,” said Brooke Gordon, the program’s highest level intern.

At MASC/MAHS events, college students get to meet with one another in order to solve issues that high schoolers may deal with in society today, as well as bring awareness to different groups of people.

“We’re all working hard to solve issues that we are passionate about for a group of people that are underrepresented and often overlooked,” said Kraft.

The “Be Board” is a MASC/MAHS tradition where a goal is written on the front with obstacles written on the back. The board is broken to symbolize overcoming those obstacles to reach your goal.

MASC/MAHS offers a supportive community that wants to see students thrive, in a society that involves competitiveness and underrepresentation.

“I had never been in a place where passion is enough. If you have the passion, someone there will help you make your dream a reality,” said Kraft.

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