Kat Cooper, the director of communications for RHS at MSU

Apartment boom may challenge university housing

The increase in off-campus apartments could affect on-campus housing at Michigan State. Kat Cooper, chief communications officer of Residential and Hospitality Services, sees the influx as a complicated situation. Michigan State University offers fewer than 16,000 beds, so while others might see off-campus housing as competition, Cooper sees it as necessary. (Photo by Sylvia Jarrus.)

Michigan State University offers fewer than 16,000 beds, so while others might see off-campus housing as competition, Cooper sees it as necessary. “It’s a relationship that really needs each other in order to be successful,” Cooper said.

Lots of snow, lots of preparation

In Michigan, it’s expected there will be a lot of snow come winter time. For Michigan State Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, it’s important to always be ready. MSU Facilities uses 63 trucks, plows and blades to clear campus roads and walkways on campus. The campus contains 57 miles of roadways, 115 miles of sidewalks and 28,000 parking spaces. During the winter, MSU Facilities will get news of an impending storm and they’ll load vehicles with brine road treatment, a mixture of salt and water.

A new holiday sale in East Lansing

Black Friday was a week ago, but Green Friday is this weekend. It’s East Lansing’s version of the holiday sale. “Got to get some Christmas shopping done,” said Michigan State sophomore and East Lansing resident, Abigail Ording. And that means shopping just in time for the holidays. “I was going to go down to Clever Clover because they just expanded the store, opened it up so I’m going to go check it out,” Ording said.

Tom Izzo Big Head to debut in Thanksgiving parade

Tom Izzo is a staple to Michigan State and the Big Heads are a staple to Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now, the two are combining. A Tom Izzo Big Head will debut this year at the America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit on Thursday. The head, created by the Big Head Corps, will join Magic Johnson as the only Michigan State University based heads. Dory Scherrod, Administrative Initiatives and Director of Big Head Corps for the Parade Company, said the Michigan native is such a positive influence on the state and Detroit.

East Lansing aims for greeting card mural by summer

East Lansing may become the latest in a string of cities to commission the creation of a mural designed to attract tourists if a proposal from the Arts Commission is approved. The mural, which would be part of the national Greetings Tour, would feature a postcard-like design using classic lettering, bright colors and depictions of the city’s icons. So far, 41 Greetings Tour murals have been installed in 20 states. Wendy Longpre, assistant director of the East Lansing Parks, Recreation and Arts Department, said the murals have a following of their own and could increase traffic to the city. “Once you found one of these murals you kind of look for them, then, as you’re traveling,” Longpre said.

Michigan State takes hockey underwater

The first snow arrived in East Lansing this week… that definitely means it’s not swimming season anymore, but now it’s time for hockey. But is it possible to put the two together, swimming and hockey? One club does just that at Michigan State University. “I looked at it and I said, ‘Wow, this is really bizarre, I’m going to do it,'” club Vice President Emily Nestle said.

Using bones to solve the mystery

Michigan State’s College of Social Science offers 31 different undergraduate majors from economics to criminal justice to history. But, there’s one that goes a little deeper. “We go through the process where we create what’s called the biology profile where we look at the age, sex, ancestry and stature of the individual as estimated from their human skeletal remains,” Dr. Joe Hefner, an assistant professor in the Anthropology Department and Director of the MSU Forensic Anthropology lab, said. Dr. Hefner is a rare kind of professional, being one of about 130 board certified professionals in the country and the anthropology department is a rare kind itself. “We’re one of six PhD programs in the country,” Dr. Hefner said.