Public crowds planning commission meeting to protest Walnut Hills development

The town hall room at Meridian Municipal Building was filled nearly to capacity for Feb. 27’s Meridian Township planning commission meeting. During the meeting’s allotted time for public remarks, nineteen citizens spoke out against Rezoning #16060, the petition that would rezone the land currently occupied by East Lansing’s Walnut Hills Golf Club, 2874 E. Lake Lansing Rd., to allow the new owners to put more residences in a possible housing development there. The rezoning petition would move the land from a Rural Residential zoning district to a Single Family, Low Density zoning district. According to Steve Schafer, who represented the owners of the Walnut Hills property, Summer Park Realty, LLC, at the meeting, the rezoning would allow the course area to fit nearly 400 residential units.

State grant helps university fight sexual assault

A new grant from Governor Synder will help Michigan State combat sexual assault.

The 38-thousand dollar aid will go towards the MSU Bystander Network, a group that empowers people to take action if they see signs of sexual assault.

The network is working on an educational seminar for upperclassmen that they want to implement by the Fall 2017 semester. The class will build on the sexual assault workshops mandatory for incoming freshman. “It’s taking it a step further and building on that education,” says Leah Short, MSU Bystander Network project coordinator. When it comes to recognizing assault, Sergeant Andrea Munford of the Michigan State Police Department says that it’s important to trust your gut. “A lot of times, [people] may not recognize it for what it is, but they know they have a bad feeling about it,” said Munford.

Sex Expo held by the University Activities Board

Michigan State’s University Activities Board held a Sex Expo to educate students. Caroline Poole, UAB event programmer, said that it is difficult attracting students to educational events.”We really wanted that engaging component but we also wanted it to be educational,” Alessandra Alvares-Paines, freshman, said she enjoyed the games provided by the fraternity and learned some new things. “I’ve learned phrases for things like the actual term names and I’m learning about other ways to keep safe sex,” Paines said.