Lansing’s Tiny Tigresses

Lansing’s Potter Park Zoo welcomed three female Amur Tiger cubs to their clan of animals on September 15, 2011. Kira, Ameliya and Savelii are among the less than 500 of their species left on earth as well as part of the second litter born to the local zoo. The fist litter born six years ago included the tigress’ father. Though the arrival was long anticipated, it nearly ended in tragedy. “Shortly after they were born they got very sick with Pneumonia, so we had to get them away from their mom.

Tiger Cubs Thriving at Potter Park Zoo

Three tiger cubs were born at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing in mid September. Just two days after birth, tests showed that the cubs had pneumonia. Since that time the cubs were held in a contained area away from their mother and father to be attended to by the veterinary staff of the zoo. The news of the births was just recently released after the cubs had proven to be making a successful comeback. The cubs were named Savelii, Kira, and Ameliya, all female Amur Tigers.