BAD Brewing features many different kinds of craft beer.

Brewing In Mason

About 20 minutes south of Lansing, you can find a small-town home to a county government and a barrage of small businesses. As you get toward the heart of Mason, the large franchises that surround America come to halt and the locally-owned businesses consume the town’s retail market. Among these shops, you’ll find business owner, Brian Rasdale, who owns Mason’s BAD Brewing Company. Rasdale is a St. Johns native and earned his associate’s degree from Lansing Community College.

Spartans are still finding a way to swim, amidst the battle to bring back the Swim and Dive team.

It has been a year since Spartans were able to compete at the varsity level on Michigan State University’s Swim and Dive team. In October 2020, President Samuel Stanley announced in an email to Spartans, that the swim and dive team would be discontinued after the 2020-2021 season. Since then, former members of the team and supporters have been pleading to President Stanley and the Board of Trustees to reinstate the team. Women took their efforts to the courts and are currently waiting to be reheard in court due to incorrect calculations in their first case. One of the plaintiffs in the case is Sophia Balow, she is also a lifeguard at MSU and a swim club member.

How to Stay out of Default Paying Back Student Loans

The massive expenses behind higher education in America have been a hot button issue for many years. Every year, thousands of students graduate with thousands of dollars of student loan debt to their name. It may seem like an unbearable vicious cycle to most, but Michigan State University’s Office of Financial Aid stresses that there are options available that will keep students from going into default. Reaching default haunts credit scores for years, affecting what purchases a person can make. Graduates today are using plans that tie loan payments to income. These income-based programs are built to make loan repayment manageable and make life easier for those who struggle to find a job, although the Financial Aid staff does warn about interest collecting when you miss payments.