Spartans are still finding a way to swim, amidst the battle to bring back the Swim and Dive team.

It has been a year since Spartans were able to compete at the varsity level on Michigan State University’s Swim and Dive team. In October 2020, President Samuel Stanley announced in an email to Spartans, that the swim and dive team would be discontinued after the 2020-2021 season. Since then, former members of the team and supporters have been pleading to President Stanley and the Board of Trustees to reinstate the team. Women took their efforts to the courts and are currently waiting to be reheard in court due to incorrect calculations in their first case. One of the plaintiffs in the case is Sophia Balow, she is also a lifeguard at MSU and a swim club member.

General Motors is investing billions of dollars in Lansing infrastructure.

About 3 billion dollars is going towards infrastructure for General Motors in the Lansing area. To be exact, 2.6 billion dollars is the amount allocated for a new battery cell manufacturing plant in Lansing. The battery cell will power electric vehicles which is an industry GM plans to lead by 2025, according to its news release. Five-hundred ten million dollars will go towards upgrading the Lansing Delta Township and Lansing Grand River assembly plants. The cars made at these assembly pants are gas-powered, but GM Communications manager Daniel Flores said these products are really important to GM’s investment in an all-electric future.

The sidewalk at the intersection of Kelsey Avenue and South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was recently rebuilt.

Lansing takes steps to address pedestrian, traffic safety

City officials say they’re working on plans to improve safety for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists in the area. That work includes increased traffic enforcement by police and potential infrastructure improvements to make some of the area’s major traffic corridors safer.

East Lansing has its own version of Black Friday

Instead of Black Friday, East Lansing has Green Friday, where shoppers can support East Lansing’s small businesses. The sales started on Dec. 3 and ended Dec. 4 at 5 p.m. during East Lansing’s Winter Glow Event. Kate Petsch, a cashier at Campus Corner, said she doesn’t know if people know about Green Friday.

A new group rallied for climate change on Sunday

Students for Cooperation is an activism group that had its first rally on Oct 10. The members marched from the Rock to the plaza by El Azteco on Albert St. They also made shirts, gave speeches, and called their audience to action for the betterment of the environment. “We are calling you mother earth, for help,” said Kelly MacDonald, president of Students for Cooperation.

Worker shortages cause MSU to make controversial decisions for dining halls on campus.

Less staff and less food has caused MSU to make some new decisions for the dining halls. Dining halls now require a MSU affiliated ID for access and cafeterias at Landon and Shaw halls are closed for dinner. Chief Communications Officer Kat Cooper said she hopes this a temporary measure until MSU can hire more students to help in the cafeterias. “We’re up to about 1200 [student team members] but we need 1200 more just to get back to our baseline,” Cooper said.