Screenshot of the tweet questioning the judgment of a NYT reporter.

Kicking While Down

On Feb. 13, tragedy struck the Michigan State community in a senseless act of violence that took the lives of three students and critically injured five. News coverage surrounded the MSU campus in the following days. Accompanying the nationwide reporters on campus, thousands of students attended the vigil and paid their respects. Off-campus groups such as churches and restaurants offered their resources to students. 

BAD Brewing features many different kinds of craft beer.

Brewing In Mason

About 20 minutes south of Lansing, you can find a small-town home to a county government and a barrage of small businesses. As you get toward the heart of Mason, the large franchises that surround America come to halt and the locally-owned businesses consume the town’s retail market. Among these shops, you’ll find business owner, Brian Rasdale, who owns Mason’s BAD Brewing Company. Rasdale is a St. Johns native and earned his associate’s degree from Lansing Community College.