Michigan Workers Rally at the Capitol with Budget Protests

Governor Snyder’s plans for the new budget have caused a stir throughout mid-Michigan and all over the state. Wednesday, March 16 saw thousands of demonstrators at the steps of the capitol building in Lansing. The protest included a very diverse group of demonstrators from education, the UAW, Michigan Nurses Association, retired pension-holders, only a few. There demonstrators protested diverse issues from Governor Snyder’s proposed bills like the implementing of emergency financial managers who have the power to dissolve local government, the proposed end to collective bargaining agreements, and taxes on pensions. Demonstrators went inside the capitol building chanting things like “Whose house?

State of the State Address

Outside of the Capitol, some Mid-Michigan residents voiced their opinion about the new governor’s ideas. Protestors say they want more focus on education and jobs. “Halt all layoffs of school teachers, all closings of schools all layoffs of public services to bring back and restore public services.” said Abayaomi Azikiwe, a member of the Moratorium Now Coalition. Although there are protestors, there are some who are optimistic about Governor Snyder’s new policies.