State of the State Address

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Outside of the Capitol, some Mid-Michigan residents voiced their opinion about the new governor’s ideas.

Protestors say they want more focus on education and jobs.

“Halt all layoffs of school teachers, all closings of schools all layoffs of public services to bring back and restore public services.” said Abayaomi Azikiwe, a member of the Moratorium Now Coalition.

Although there are protestors, there are some who are optimistic about Governor Snyder’s new policies.

“I just was very impressed with Governor Snyder, his emphasis on helping small business, helping to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind in this economy and rolling up our sleeves and everyone getting to work” said David Adams, president and CEO of the Michigan Credit League.

During the governor’s address, he talked about a road map for the state of Michigan in the form of an online dashboard, where Michigan residents can track the progress of the state.

The Michigan Dashboard website will track how the state performs in various areas which directly affect Michigan residents, while comparing Michigan’s progress to that of other states.

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