Proposal to elect insurance commissioner faces 'uphill battle'

Capital News Service
LANSING – If Michigan had an elected insurance commissioner rather than one appointed by the governor, consumers would benefit from more favorable policies and insurance rates, Sen. Virgil Smith, D-Detroit, said. Smith proposed a constitutional amendment to elect the insurance commissioner and said his research found that states that elect their commissioners tend to have “more progressive laws on the books.”
They are California, Kansas, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Washington and Oklahoma. Smith pointed out that they’re not all-blue or all-red states politically. The constitution and current law require most Cabinet department heads to be appointed by the governor or a state commission. Only the secretary of state and attorney general are elected.

State of the State Address

Outside of the Capitol, some Mid-Michigan residents voiced their opinion about the new governor’s ideas. Protestors say they want more focus on education and jobs. “Halt all layoffs of school teachers, all closings of schools all layoffs of public services to bring back and restore public services.” said Abayaomi Azikiwe, a member of the Moratorium Now Coalition. Although there are protestors, there are some who are optimistic about Governor Snyder’s new policies.