Youth development program at Briggs Public Library opens children up to reading

By Nathaniel Bott
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Thursday evenings in April at Briggs Public Library in St. Johns bring Marie Geller a certain kind of joy. Working for nearly 40 years as a children’s librarian with Briggs, there is nothing more rewarding for her than singing the welcome song with every toddler who attends her story time sessions. She has adopted the title of youth services coordinator at the library, and runs youth development programs for the kids in St.

Grand Ledge Library undergoing renovations to help fit community needs

By Madison Morse
Living in the Ledge Staff Reporter

After years of saving and carefully well-thought-out plans based on community needs, The Grand Ledge Area District Library will be undergoing a massive renovation to start this spring. “By very prudently saving we saved a percentage that was over our working capital that we needed for many, many years, said Grand Ledge Library Board of Trustees President Joan Kane. “Back in ’08 we tried to do this and had our same architect then realized we didn’t have enough money to do what we needed to do.”

“With the new renovation we will be pushing the entrance out. There will be an elevator that will go up to the club room which is the old 1931 building,” said Kane. “There will be a bathroom upstairs now, which there never has been.

Woman in DeWitt Township arrested for alleged drugged driving

By Cydni Robinson
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

DEWITT — Driving under the influence doesn’t simply mean drunk driving. Prescription drugs can also impair a driver, something a 27-year-old woman allegedly learned the hard way earlier this month. The woman was arrested by DeWitt Township police for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs after an alleged hit-and-run with a mailbox on March 5, police officials said. Driving under the influence doesn’t only deal with illegal drugs and alcohol, it includes any mood or mind-altering substance, says Diana Julian, substance abuse/program manager and counselor at McAlister Institute. Julian says being aware that driving under the influence involves prescription drug abuse is very important.

DeWitt District Library, after years of financial troubles, now on a stable path of continued improvement

By Laina Stebbins
Bath-DeWitt Connection Reporter

DEWITT — Keeping the DeWitt District Library afloat has long been a topic of debate for the DeWitt Charter Board of Trustees, the DeWitt District Library Board, and several more township boards involved. For far too long, many argued, the library was forced to run on an insufficient allotment of 0.5 mill. The township’s shrinking budget further aggravated this problem; because of increased cuts in funding by the state, DeWitt Township had little to work with as it was. A proposed millage increase in this situation, along with a proposal for a new library building large enough to sufficiently serve the needs of its community, would likely prove challenging to gain public support for. This was indeed the case.

All under one roof: Delhi library shares space with other township services

By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Delhi Charter Township’s Town Hall houses not only the offices of appointed and elected officials, but it also houses the public library. The reason for Delhi’s library branch is in the same building as the fire department, town hall, and recreation center located at 2074 N. Aurelius Road is that Delhi wanted to put the most important resources to its community all under one roof. “The council wanted to put all four buildings under one roof because of the level of important each facility would be to the community, and that is why they put it all here,” said assistant librarian Maxine Budzysnki. The public library is one of the township’s major landmarks that gets a wide range of business. Many townships in the Ingham County region have their own branches aside from the main library in downtown Lansing.

St. Johns offers programs to encourage childhood reading

By Meghan Callan
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Reading can be an imaginative activity for children by opening doors to new ways of language and communication. The town of St. Johns has programs that encourage children to read and develop literacy skills to improve their success in school and work. Briggs Public Library, located in downtown St.