All under one roof: Delhi library shares space with other township services

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By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Delhi Charter Township’s Town Hall houses not only the offices of appointed and elected officials, but it also houses the public library.

The reason for Delhi’s library branch is in the same building as the fire department, town hall, and recreation center located at 2074 N. Aurelius Road is that Delhi wanted to put the most important resources to its community all under one roof.

“The council wanted to put all four buildings under one roof because of the level of important each facility would be to the community, and that is why they put it all here,” said assistant librarian Maxine Budzysnki.

The public library is one of the township’s major landmarks that gets a wide range of business.

Many townships in the Ingham County region have their own branches aside from the main library in downtown Lansing. There are 13 branches in total, each having a selection of text and media ranging from children books to movies.

Each branch according to does not carry every book.  The libraries have a system to get books transferred in from other libraries in the area, if a library does not have a book on the shelves the librarian can get the books from other locations, and customers can get a notification that their books have arrived, and ready for pick-up.

“Each township agreed to join under one capital district to have separate branches, for each region, that way everyone that lives in the Lansing area won’t have to go to one library,” said Budzynski.

Delhi Public Library started 15 years ago as a coalition from the main library, the main library was owned by Lansing Public Schools.


Map of The Township Hall

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