Meridian Twp. prepares adventures for trick-or-treaters

Still looking for a way to celebrate Halloween with the little ones? Look no further. Show off your cool costumes during Meridian Township’s weekend full of three free Halloween Adventures. All of these events take place on Saturday, Oct. 26 at the Meridian Police Department located at  5151 Marsh Road. 

The first event of the weekend will be at the Meridian Police Department where visitors will be able to tour the Public Safety Building.

DeWitt residents go all-out for Halloween

Trick-or-treating wasn’t the only Halloween activity on DeWitt’s to-do list for the holiday.  DeWitt takes Halloween to the next level by incorporating a weekend-long house decoration contest into the festivities. “It’s to really thank the people in the community for going all out and decorating at holiday time,” said Loretta Spinrad, from the DeWitt Area Chamber of Commerce.  “So, we have a contest to get other residents to go out and look at the decorations.  We award winners basically to say thank you.”

“Some of those houses that are decorated are phenomenal,” said Spinrad.  “Some of these people go all out, and it’s just unbelievable where are this stuff comes from and how much they’ve invested in this.  Some of them have smoke, lights, moving objects, and sound.”

This year only 10 houses were entered into the contest. This number is a decrease from the previous year, which was 18.  However, the lower number of houses in the contest didn’t take away from homeowners showing their Halloween spirit and taking part in the festivities.  DeWitt Residents, Arlyn and Stuart King, have fully embraced the contest and are intending on taking home the prize this year. “We love Halloween,” said Stuart King.  “Halloween brings the community together, and I was hoping the contest would help bring people through.”

The Kings’ yard is one of the most creative, with everything being built by hand.  The props and characters in the haunted house move via electric motors and tell a creative story to go along with it to make it even more unique. “I think a really fun part of Stuart’s creations is that they are unique,” said Arlyn King.  “You can’t purchase them anywhere because they come out of his imagination.  A lot of the items are found items, and we find things that people threw out and we incorporate it.”

“We chose the theme haunted house,” said Stuart King.  “Once that was selected, then it was a matter of making it all happen.  Every year is something brand new.”

Across town, another home is showing the Halloween spirit by going with a pirate theme this year.  Jack and Pat Crick have incorporated a coffin, a jail cell, and even gallows in their creation.

Grand Ledge church holds new trick-or-treat variant

By Peter Nuttall
Living In The Ledge Staff Reporter

Halloween is right around the corner, so that means it’s time for decorative jack-o’-lanterns, dressing up in costumes, and of course, trick-or-treating. Or should I say, trunk-or-treating? Trunk-or-treating is a variation of trick-or-treating where, instead of going house-to-house, children go from decorated car-to-car, usually in a local parking lot. First Congregational United Church of Christ (UCC) in Grand Ledge just held their sixth annual trunk-or-treat event located at 210 W. Saginaw Highway. It’s been getting better and better each year,” one of the event planners, Sara Gooley, said.

DeWitt expects an easy Halloween holiday weekend

By Skyler Ashley
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — As Halloween rapidly approaches, DeWitt begins its preparations. Given its reputation as a more raucous holiday and its placement on a Saturday, how does this affect things around town? “What’s different about Halloween, is really just the amount of people on the street. By trick-or-treating hours [6 p.m. to 8 p.m.] it’s getting dark and nasty out, so we put an extra officer out just because of all the extra traffic,” Dewitt Chief of Police Bruce Ferguson said. The DeWitt Police Department does not send out all of its employed officers on Halloween; two have been found to be ample.

Ingham County offers Halloween alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

By Missy Sebring
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Ingham County has many Halloween activities planned. Lansing, East Lansing and Meridian Township have alternatives to regular trick-or-treating. The Potter Park Zoo will be having Boo at the Zoo the weekend of the 24th. According to the special events coordinator at the zoo, Jen Rostar. Families can come in costumes and see the zoo in a different perspective.

Bath Truck or Treat to give children safe fun

The holiday of Halloween might have once been a night dedicated to those of youth, but has become a time for adults. Many wonder where children come into play for this once youthful holiday. Bath Township, a small rural town where door to door trick or treating is close to impossible, is set to hold an annual event where kids are the focus of the night. Truck or Treat, once centered on an opportunity for large trucks and rigs to appear in a car show as well as provide treats for kids, will be held at the Bath Elementary school parking lot. ““It gives an opportunity, especially in some rural areas, for kids to trick or treat,” said Bath Elementary principal Zachary Strickler.

Halloween in the Park

By Mary Hathaway
Holt Journal staff writer and photographer

The Holt Lions Club and the Delhi Township Fire Department hosted Halloween in the Park 2013 in the Holt Veterans Memorial Garden. While this event was meant for the children, the parents and volunteers seemed to be having as much fun as the young ones. Jeff Butcher, recruitment and retention coordinator at the Delhi Township Fire Department, helped to found this event and he is thrilled by how it has been received in the community. “The first year we had 300, last year we had 600, this year we are not sure what is going to come.” As soon as three o’clock rolled around it was clear it had surpassed last years count. Click the link below to get a firsthand look at Halloween in the Park 2013.

Trick or Treat on the Square 2013

By: Miguel Martinez-Valle

Lansing Starr Staff Writer

Lansing, Mich. celebrates its 6 annual Trick or Treat on the Square on Monday Oct. 28, 2013. Lansing Starr reporter Miguel Martinez-Valle covers the nights happenings.