Trick-or-treating altered but not canceled by COVID-19

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This Halloween, ghosts aren’t the only invisible problems that trick-or-treaters and parents have to be mindful of. With COVID-19 still able to be spread in mass numbers, participants must engage in social distancing.

Parents passing out candy must find another way to make sure the kids get what they came for, because handing it to them will not be an option. While Karin Polischuk plans on using a table to keep proper distance from trick-or-treaters, other parents have decided to get more creative.

“I’ve seen people even putting shoots from their second story windows down below”, said Polischuk.

This year, there is more than just Halloween to worry about in Lansing. At 12pm, the football game between MSU and the University of Michigan will be kicking off in Ann Arbor. 

Back in Lansing, adults must practice social distancing. It is important that they avoid large gatherings such as parties and tailgates, especially if they want their children to follow their lead.

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