Terah Chambers is a MSU professor in the Education Department who worked on the community bond committee

Choice of schools means weighing options early

Schools of choice is a concept that has been around for more than two decades within the entire state, that was fostered in 1994 as part of a school finance reform bill. Even 20 years after Michigan started offering the schools of choice option, decisions don’t come easily.

Pattengill Middle School which will be turned into Eastern High School

Eastern High School prepares for new home

Lansing’s Eastern High School’s move to the Pattengill school site will mean a new community clinic, gym and a new laboratory wing. The high school is becoming a biomed pathway for students who want to pursue careers in medicine. The one-story laboratory wing will include four new labs. Also, the plan will transform the current library into a modern media center.

Board members expect renovations won’t impact East Lansing school of choice admissions

With the new Red Cedar Elementary and other school renovations over the next few years, what will happen with school of choice? East Lansing Board of Education Trustee Nichole Martin said some theories state that the opening of Red Cedar will bring more students from other districts, but that is not her understanding. Martin said besides Red Cedar, each elementary school will be built to hold 290 students. This is a smaller capacity than they hold now. By time the renovation happens, some current students in elementary school will have moved to the middle schools.