School board agenda emphasizes standardized test scores, rigorous curriculum at Haslett schools

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“Haslett High School … will provide an inspirational environment in which students can become effective members of a globally diverse, ever-changing society.”

This phrase is found sprawled across Haslett High School’s website under an image of students captioned, “Rigorous Curriculum.” 

The curriculum is what administrators appear to deem most important when it comes to the ways that students become “effective members of society.”

At Haslett’s Feb. 12 school board meeting, it became evident that standardized test scores were at the forefront of everyone’s mind. For nearly half the meeting, Haslett High School Principal Bart Wegenke read from statistics that demonstrated how their students performed on standardized tests.

The discussion noted that the high school staff thoroughly reviews scores and sometimes uses them to allow students to test out of classes and into more rigorous courses.

The statistics showed that, on average, nearly half of the students take an advanced placement (AP) course before graduation. They also said that they pride themselves on the partnership formed with Lansing Community College that allows students to take college level courses while still in high school.

Accelerated courses can even begin as early as the student’s sophomore year of high school.

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