Lansing Schools to continue work with county health services

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Mar 2 Lansing School Board Meeting

Mr. Kris Drake sitting at the first row of the right, waiting for his turn to present during the Mar. 2 meeting

At the March 2 meeting of the Lansing Board of Education, a portion of the agenda focused on the Interagency Agreement with the Ingham County Health Department to provide Lansing students with healthcare service.

Ben Shuldiner, superintendent of the Lansing School District, spoke on the partnership.

“One of the great things that this district has is a very close relationship with the Ingham County Health Department. The Ingham County Health Department not only has two full clinics in our high schools but we also do an incredible amount of work together,” Shuldiner said.

As superintendent, I have the right to sign the document. But as part of their bylaws, they (Ingham County Health Department) wants to make sure that the board is aware of it and supports it …” Shuldiner said.

Kris Drake, a health department representative, attended the meeting to cover the ongoing Interagency Agreement partnership with the Lansing school district.

Kris Drake right, waiting to present during the March 2 meeting.

“We most certainly would like to continue that partnership with Lansing school districts. It is our passion and genuine pleasure to continue to provide health care for the most needy populations in Ingham County, and we recognize that it is not limited to adults but most certainly children and adolescents,” Drake said. “We needed to add the E3 program language unto the agreement,” Drake said.

According to Drake, in January of 2023 the state of Michigan Heath and Human Services conducted an audit on expanding and enhancing a portion of the health program in January of 2023 known as E3.

The E3 program, started in 2019, exists at Gardner, Pattengill and Everett schools. The findings from that program were very positive and the department received the highest rating that an organization could receive.

According to Drake, E3 program applies basic health service to all high schools in Lansing.

“E3 is limited to behavioral health only. Sexton and Eastern have not only medical health but also behavioral health,” Drake said.

Video: Samantha Ku interviewed Drake on March 15 about his presentation.

Lansing resident Robert Hoverkamp started attending school board meetings three to four years ago and was present March 2.

“I frequently come to these meetings,” Hoverkamp said. “so I can stay informed about what’s going on in the school district.”

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