Slow, hand-made fashions weave small textile district in East Lansing

Since 2019, Woven Art Yarn Shop and Seams Sewing and Mercantile in East Lansing have been entwined in a partnership that celebrates slow fashion by encouraging customers to make clothing by hand with sustainably sourced materials. An established textile and fiber arts community in East Lansing is relatively new. In 2003, artist Nancy McRay founded Woven Art, inspired by her passion for weaving and yarn hand-dyeing, said the shop’s current owner, Meg Croft. When McRay decided to return to full-time artistry in 2013, she sold the business to Croft, who was a Woven Art employee at the time. 

CADL Seeks Donations for Afghan Refugees

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The Capitol Area District Library and St. Vincent Catholic Charities are trying to help welcome 300 Afghan refugees to the area by collecting donations to help the families. Just Serve Sr. Assoc. Director of Public Service, Jolee Hamlin, explains what Just Serve (a non-profit) does. “On the one hand, it’s our staff just focusing on trying to give back in the community … and also help organizations through things like this through drives that people will be physically in the branches and can bring things for worthy organizations,” Hamlin said. 

Just Serve is teaming up with St.

Weekend Survival Kits set students up for success

Credit: Isabella Johnson

In Williamston Community schools, 16.2% of students receive free or reduced lunch while at school, but the program does not support students during the weekends or time away from school. Jeff Gorsline and his wife Heather noticed this gap and founded Weekend Survival Kits 12 years ago. The organization and its volunteers get together semimonthly to package and send out nutritious foods to schools for their students facing food insecurity to have during non-school hours. Credit: Isabella Johnson

The mission

Gorsline, who also serves as Executive Director, said the foundation of the organization is packaging food and sending it to the schools for distribution, but the true objective goes deeper than just keeping kids fed. “We do send people food on the weekends, but it’s just a means to our real mission,” Gorsline said.

Female high school athletes less likely to be pulled from playing after concussions than males, study finds

CONCUSSIONS IN FEMALE ATHLETES: Heads up! Female high school athletes are at greater risk than males for continuing to play after a concussion, a new MSU study finds. Across all sports with male and female athletes, the risk is 1.33 times higher for females, it found. That means girls and young women who play such sports as soccer, basketball and softball are less likely than males to receive immediate medical care, leaving females more susceptible to a repeat concussion and longer recovery time. We talk to the lead researcher and the Michigan High School Athletic Association. For news and sports sections. By Elaine Mallon. ATTENTION SPORTS AND NEWS SECTIONS FOR ALL POINTS.

CNS marks 40 years of capital news coverage

CNS 40th ANNIVERSARY: This fall marks the 40th anniversary of CNS, launched by the late publisher Dick Milliman to cover state government, policy and politics for news outlets across Michigan. Participants, including ones from such far-flung locations as Russia, Kazakhstan, Denmark, China, India and South Korea, practice real-world journalism for real-world audiences. CNS has influenced the careers of hundreds of students and provides readers with coverage of their government’s activities in Lansing. It began with 10 newspapers, three of them still CNS members: Cadillac News, Holland Sentinel and Traverse City Record-Eagle. Authored by a CNS correspondent and CNS director for opinion sections. By Danielle James & Eric Freedman.. FOR HOLLAND, CADILLAC, TRAVERSE CITY, LANSING CITY PULSE and ALL POINTS.

Michigan rolls out welcome mat for Afghan refugees

AFGHAN REFUGEES: Michigan aid organizations are scrambling to provide housing and services for 1,300 Afghan refugees they’ve pledged to resettle. Housing is the biggest obstacle. It takes about $57,000 a year to support a family of seven. House lawmakers recently passed a resolution supporting them. We talk to a Michigan State University professor who help evacuate Afghan researchers and refugee aid experts in Lansing, Bloomfield Hills. By Emerson Wigand. FOR ALL POINTS.

Schools’ actions on COVID-19 please East Lansing School community councils

Graph showing COVID-19 cases in the East Lansing School District, created through Floruish. As of Oct. 6, the East Lansing School District has had 24 in-person students and/or staff in quarantine for COVID-19. Eleven have been from MacDonald Middle School and nine have been from Glencairn Elementary. Emily Ostrowski, treasurer of Donley Elementary’s Student Association, said the East Lansing School Board remains transparent with COVID-19 policies.

Owner of the small business carries a light pink tote bag.

Fashion Fiber Festival is Saturday

The first Fashion Fiber Festival, presented by local businesses Seams and Woven Art Yarn Shop, will be this Saturday, Oct. 16, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on 325A Grove Street in East Lansing.