Concerns over Ingham County Fair raised to commission

Concerns regarding the Ingham County Fair were brought to the Ingham County Board of Commissioners attention during the public comment portion of the meeting on Nov. 7. 

Edward Forrest, the board president for the east side community actions center,  asked the board for a better breakdown of guidelines for what is needed to participate in the fair. He said a stronger publication of activities prior to the fair would help reach more people. Forrest explained that individuals wish for activities to be published prior to be aware if there is anything of interest to them.

East Lansing poll workers note large turnout; surpasses primaries

“I voted”  stickers dot the shirts of people around East Lansing as in-person voting for the Michigan midterm elections occurred. Voters and precinct captains noticed a good turnout, though still lower than that of general elections.

Margie Ring, 3rd Precinct captain, said, “We’ve had 288 voters in person so far and at a better pace than we were for the primary elections.”

Student signs into vote at the MSU Union

Students take advantage of on-campus polls

Bella Montagno, who said she wanted to vote for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and all three of the proposals on Michigan’s ballot, didn’t have to go far. 

She is an English major at Michigan State University and voted at the MSU Union.

East Lansing had campus precincts at the Union, Brody Hall and three at IM West.

Millage renewal highlights library’s impact on East Lansing

Election Day in the East Lansing Public Library may have appeared to be a normal day for the regular visitor, but for Kristin Shelley, the library’s director, this was one of the most important days of the year. “I will be nervous until the votes are finalized, but what I’ve heard from community members is that they’re very supportive of the library.” 

More money pumped into Michigan school board races

SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS – While political heavyweights battled it out this election some of the more hotly contested races were for school board. School officials say that in some races more money was spent from outside sources on these races than they’ve ever seen. By Sarah Atwood. FOR ALL POINTS

Michigan State University sampling sites.

Don’t hide your poo — and here’s why

WASTEWATER PRIVACY: Ever since John Snow, the father of epidemiology, linked an 1854 cholera outbreak in London to contaminated water, wastewater surveillance has been a tool for scientists to track disease. But some are raising medical privacy concerns in the modern age as wastewater is used to track COVID-19. In the Great Lakes Basin, universities are teaming up to join a national network, including the University of Toledo, Northwestern University, Notre Dame, Michigan State University and the University of Wisconsin. By Mackenzie DeRaad. COMMENTARY FOR LANSING AND ALL POINTS.

Grand Ledge business owners survive, adapt, move forward

Pam’s Pantry has been a staple in Grand Ledge, Michigan for over 20 years. Photo Credit: Taylor Jenkins

Grand Ledge businesses are trying to move past the pandemic after a long two years.Businesses in Grand Ledge had mixed experiences during COVID-19. Some businesses enjoyed long months off, while others had to adapt and are still recovering.One business that didn’t suffer during COVID-19 was Preston’s Bar which has been around for over 100 years. Owner Laney Preston explained why he enjoyed the pandemic.“It was like going on vacation. Financially it didn’t affect us at all.

City of DeWitt logo

Dual candidate Clay Coey loses 2 races in one day

Clinton County’s election results show Clay Coey, a candidate for board member of DeWitt Public Schools and the DeWitt City Council lost both races.

Angelina M. Barnes, Dwight D. Handspike and John F. Tramontana won the School Board seats, with 3,914, 3,644 and 3,190 votes respectively. The City Council will welcome newcomer Mark E. Kellogg, who earned 1,367 votes. Kellogg will work alongside successful incumbent candidates Denise Donohue, who won 1,350 votes, and Jennifer Whitman with 1,551.

Abortion rights enshrined in Michigan constitution

After Roe v. Wade was overturned in June, states like Michigan put abortion rights on their 2022 ballots. Over four million Michiganders lined up to vote Tuesday to make an important decision whether to make abortions a constitutional right. Prop 3 was the name of the abortion rights proposition on the ballot which passed overwhelmingly. Many communities had different views on Proposition 3 prior to the election. Grand Ledge resident Ryan Dahl thought his community was divided over Prop 3.

Students line up to receive a ballot at a table in Brody Hall.

East Lansing elections run smoothly as election challengers observe

In contrast to scenes of voter intimidation in some parts of the country, East Lansing polling places were free of trouble on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

This fall, East Lansing City Clerk Jennifer Shuster said the city was expecting an increase in election challengers at the polls during this year’s midterm elections. While challengers were present at several polling locations throughout the day, officials at these precincts reported normal conditions.