First grade girl holds learning packet.

Charlotte students, staff adjusting to COVID-19

Lacy Jewell, like many seniors at Charlotte High School, said that in the past few weeks, she’s learned to not take anything for granted. She said she’s been dreaming about end of high school experiences,such as prom and graduation, her whole life. “I would give anything to go to school at 7:30,” Jewell said. “I think we’re all realizing that we’re not going to take the little things for granted anymore.”

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order April 2 to close Michigan schools for the remainder of the school year. Since then, Charlotte Public Schools has been providing  students with academic preparation from afar.

Mid-Michigan cities apply for HGTV show

It’s not every day that you get to be on TV, but three mid-Michigan towns, Bath Township, Grand Ledge and Charlotte, applied for the chance to win a town makeover from HGTV. The home renovation channel’s newest show “Home Town Takeover” is a spinoff of a current series “Home Town” that renovates businesses and homes in the hosts’ hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. The network put out a nationwide call for cities with a population under 40,000 and a downtown in need of updating. “This is a great opportunity for Bath,” said communications coordinator Tayler Reeves. “Our goal is to bring in more small businesses that would help this community and that we could help support, and this HGTV show would really help us.”