IM softball teams shake hands after a game.

A team for everyone: MSU students enjoy IM sports

Intramural sports, also known as IM, are like their own bubble. Inside IM there are seven leagues such as single-gender, coed, greek life, neighborhoods, and more. Over 25 sports are offered over three semesters and spots fill up quickly. IM sports are a great way for students to get outside and be active with their friends. No experience is required, and all students need to do to play is create a team and pay the small fee that helps fund the equipment necessary to play. 

Spartans reflect on happy memories during a difficult semester

Spring 2023 was a semester unlike any other for Michigan State University, full of unprecedented tragedy and grief, but also hope and a stronger sense of togetherness and community. While there were difficult times throughout the semester, many MSU students came together to help each other cope, and begin to heal.

Inside the Spartan Stadium after the annual Spring Game.

Inside and Behind the Scenes

Michigan State Athletics are known for their performance on the field. Given the national attention their athletes bring to the school, many forget about the process involved in elevating their platform. Behind these athletes and coaches is a team of marketing and communications experts who are constantly looking for new ways to promote Michigan State Athletics to the next level.