Back in business for a Michigan State staple

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Sully and Kozmo sitting in front of a poster inside the MSU Union.

The April 3 reopening of the MSU Union brought a lot of emotions for students and the East Lansing community. The union has been closed since shootings at Berkey Hall and the union on Feb. 13.

Michigan State announced Berkey will remain closed for the rest of 2023. With the union opening back up, students can get back to working and hanging out at one of the most popular places on campus. Sophomore Noah Marshall explained why it’s important to have the union open and the extra meaning behind it. “It’s a calm and quiet area where a lot of people just come to hang out,” Marshall said. 

He added,  “It’s important to make sure it stays with the students. It’s something that belongs to MSU. It’s not just a site where something tragic happened. It goes back to being what it was, a hub for everyone on campus.”

To warm the hearts of students, Canines for Change has been spending time with its dogs the first few days of the reopening. Sully and Kozmo were two dogs putting smiles on students’ faces. Gery Rehmann, who is a part of the non-profit in Grand Ledge, just wants the students to know that people care for them. “Canines for Change is here to support the Spartan community. We’re here with our dogs for you,” said Rehmann. Here is the link to Canine for Change for people wanting to check out its website,

The union’s third-floor Lake Huron Room displays bulletin boards and big posters of positive messages from colleges around the country. It also has a place for Spartans to add their message on green hearts. MSU sophomore Emmett Flannery saw the room and felt the love. Flannery said, “I didn’t know how to feel initially when they announced they were reopening the union. After being in the room, I felt it’s important for us to reclaim this place. We can have this place be open for the public to be together and to spread love.” 

The Michigan State and East Lansing community are still continuing to heal, but with the MSU Union reopened, it is one step closer to the place everyone knows and loves.

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