Crown Boxing Club teaches students more than how to throw the perfect jab

Crown Boxing Club has been a staple in the Lansing area for almost 30 years. Providing the Lansing community with a great sweat through their various boxing classes. But for students, three days a week, they are able to to hit the bag or hop in the ring for free. “The program that we have is a free program for all the youth in the Lansing area,” said head coach Ali Easley. Making the classes available to everyone was one of Easley’s top priorities.

The MSU surplus store has a lot more to offer than books and binders

The Michigan State surplus store is known for selling everything imaginable. From office chairs to speakers, the store has many different unique items.

The surplus store’s inventory is completely dependent on the people of East Lansing. Whatever crazy items people bring, the store will take it because they see the unseen value in everything. “I’m also a junkie if you will,” said surplus store manager James Ives. “A pack rat by trade.” 

Ives has sold almost everything imaginable.

NCAA Road Trip to Des Moines

The Michigan State basketball team is in Des Moines for the first round of the NCAA tournament. The drive is from East Lansing to Des Moines is a long one, 540 miles to be exact, but the fans drove in full force.

Eastside Fish Fry and Grill gives its employees a fresh start

Eastside Fish Fry and Grill has been a staple in the Lansing area for seven years now. They sold 18,000 chicken wings during the Super Bowl and owner Henry Meyer says they sell 2,500 wings a day. But Meyer’s path wasn’t always clear to him and he had to go through some hardships to get to where he is today. “Nobody took a chance on me nobody would hire me,” said Meyer. “I was having a hard time finding a job.”

And now, he’s paying it forward.

MSU closes for only the seventh time in 150 years

Its been a mild winter for most of the year, but in the past couple of weeks the state of Michigan has been pounded by storm after storm. A polar vortex recently dropped over a foot of snow and wind chills brought the temperature down to -20 degrees. But, just a glimmer of hope for everybody, major league baseball spring training starts in two weeks, granted that will be down in the warmth of Florida and Arizona. The first day or spring is March 20th.

Williamston residents consider food waste

The produce aisle is unlike any other part of a grocery store. Vibrant produce sticking out at every turn while sprinklers shower fruits and vegetables with water to keep them hydrated. All of this time and effort is used to sell food, but some of that hard work will be for nothing. But this subject is a lot more complex than meets the eye. It has many different parts that negatively impact our society.

McDonald’s goes green

As soon as you open the door at the Williamston McDonalds on West Grand River Avenue you are greeted with the sound of constant timers going off, the aroma of salty fries, and once at the front of the line you are asked “May I take your order?”

McDonald’s has been serving up burgers and fries since 1954 becoming one of the premiere fast food restaurants in the world. With approximately 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries McDonald’s has become a something that people see everyday from restaurants to commercials. “I have traveled to countries outside of the United States and a constant everywhere I go is McDonalds,” said Williamston resident Alex Johnson. With all of these golden arches over the world the carbon footprint McDonald’s produces is massive, but they are now deciding to try and minimize it by making a bigger impact when it comes to climate change. On January 16th, the fast food juggernaut announced a new initiative that will plan on reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by their restaurants and offices.