Library could get new home

The quietest place in Williamston could be moving to a new building. Currently located next to Larking and Nortman Memorial Field, the Williamston branch of the Capital Area District Libraries is inside the old Williamston High School and Middle School. The building, now known as the Williamston Commons, holds a lot more than just the library. Inside its old brick walls are various different businesses like Power and Grace Yoga, Raising the Bar boutique store and the library. Crammed in a small section of the building is the Williamston Library.

Williamston embraces reading month

The month of March is known for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Pi day, but for many school districts like Williamston, March is best known as reading month. March was chosen to be reading month because of the famous children’s book author Dr. Seuss, whose birthday is March 2. During March, school districts like Williamston, design different activities and bring in guest speakers to talk and read to students. Some of these special readers included author of the “National Park Mysteries” series, Mary Morgan, Williamston school districts director of curriculum and special education Dr. Michele Cook, and state representative Tom Cochran.

Toys R Us won’t be missed in Williamston

The toy wonderland Toys R Us has declared bankruptcy. Its 735 stores around the U.S. will be liquidated and the once kid shopping paradise will plan on closing all stores permanently in April according to Business Insider. The chain has said that poor holiday sales was the final straw that led to the collapse, but online shopping and other national stores like Target also played a huge role in their decision to file for bankruptcy according to a press release from Toys R Us. With online shopping like Amazon becoming more and more popular every day sales at Toys R Us had been declining according to CNBC. 

“It is easier for me to buy toys like Legos online than to go to buy them at the store,” said Kathy Mcauliffe, a Williamston Alpaca employee. “Especially when you are trying to buy something for someone in another state.

Dogs need special care during winter

Some dogs are made for the winter. Huskies have heavy fur and tough paws which allow them to handle these harsh conditions with no problem. But some dogs do not have the same luxuries, which makes winter tough. “We take him on walks which sucks in the winter time,” said Joey’s Pet Outfitters employee Krystal Witt. Dogs routinely need to go outside for multiple reasons from walking to using the restroom.

In Williamston, Valentine’s Day is about hearts … and dollar signs

Megan Merriman watches people grab cards every day as she sits behind the pharmacy counter. She says getting a card is “tradition” but in today’s age a lot more is needed for this special day. As children, getting a card and a piece of candy on this day was all that was needed, and that concept remains the same but at a much higher price. When couples think of this day, they do not think about chocolate and flowers, they think about the dollar signs. Giving your loved one only a card and some candy doesn’t cut it anymore.