Breed & Bootleg: Legends of Flint Rap Music Movie Screening

On February 18, 2021 the East Lansing Public Library held the second screening of the documentary, Breed & Bootleg: Legends of Flint Rap Music. Directed by Michigan State University Professor, Geri Zeldes, with help from students at MSU too. The documentary focuses on the influence of 2 Flint Rappers who have made a lasting impact on rap culture today. And touches on the Flint Water Crisis and other hardships African Americans and others in the community had to face over the past few decades.

Saddleback BBQ operates as “ghost restaurant”

Shade Moore investigates a ghost at Saddleback Barbecue in Okemos. During this halloween season, there was more than brisket, ribs and pulled pork on the menu. See how the customers and employees benefit from the “ghost” before it leaves for good!

East Lansing Farmer’s Market adjusts to COVID-19

While the pandemic continues, the East Lansing Farmers Market remains open. Within walking distance from campus, the East Lansing Farmer’s Market works with the County Health Department and the Michigan Farmers Market Association in order to keep vendors and customers safe. East Lansing Farmers Market will continued to run every Sunday from 10a.m. to 2p.m. in an open air atmosphere until October 27th.

Preuss Pets creates animal experience in Old Town

As the sun sets in Lansing’s Old Town, the letter “P” on the wall of Preuss Pets alternates from blue to orange to green. Below the letter, and spanning the wall of the building, is a mural showing animal habitats, flanked by a waterfall. It’s a unique storefront — one that customers say is matched by the unique experience inside. “Kind of what makes our store special or significant or of value is that we take seriously the idea that having a pet and having successful relationship with that pet is really important,” Owner Rick Preuss said. “So when you employ that from our side for over 30 years, the store becomes a different entity than if we were just trying to set up a store to make money.”

Snakes in Preuss Pets range in a variety of sizes.

Mothers Renee Sommerlot and Stacie Lauterbach play with their children at Mother and Earth Baby Boutique.

Old Town boutique aims to help mothers and Mother Earth

Diapers, toys and other disposable goods aims at parents and babies are filling landfills. But Ross Lynn, owner of Mother and Earth Baby Boutique, is trying to help parents make better choices. Lynn’s shop in Lansing’s Old Town has three main values: quality, sustainability and community. Its products aim to boost natural parenting methods by providing eco-friendly products. 

“We do our best to be Earth-friendly, and we try to carry organic products,” Ross said, “products that are sourced in an Earth-friendly manner.” Mothers and other customers are grateful to purchase the eco-friendly products for their children to aid in cleaning up the environment, said customer and mother Renee Sommerlot.

Old Town resident brings music studio into her home

In Lansing’s Old Town, there is a private business called the Sigh Studio of Music, owned by Melissa Sigh. Not only is the Sigh Studio of Music her business, but it’s also her home. Sigh gives private music lessons to students of all ages. She also has a group ukulele class for those who want to play with other students and sometimes live bands.