Old Town boutique aims to help mothers and Mother Earth

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Mothers Renee Sommerlot and Stacie Lauterbach play with their children at Mother and Earth Baby Boutique.

Shade Moore

Mothers Renee Sommerlot and Stacie Lauterbach play with their children at Mother and Earth Baby Boutique.

Diapers, toys and other disposable goods aims at parents and babies are filling landfills. But Ross Lynn, owner of Mother and Earth Baby Boutique, is trying to help parents make better choices.

Lynn’s shop in Lansing’s Old Town has three main values: quality, sustainability and community. Its products aim to boost natural parenting methods by providing eco-friendly products. 

“We do our best to be Earth-friendly, and we try to carry organic products,” Ross said, “products that are sourced in an Earth-friendly manner.”

Mothers and other customers are grateful to purchase the eco-friendly products for their children to aid in cleaning up the environment, said customer and mother Renee Sommerlot.

“I just bought him a truck here the other day, and knowing that it was all recycled material I thought was really cool that we’re contributing to helping the environment,” she said.

Not only does Mother and Earth Baby Boutique promote eco-friendly products, the shop also provides a space for mothers to bring their children to play and engage with other children and mothers.

“We love the play group, it’s nice to get out of the house to meet other moms and play,” said Sommerlot.

There are weekly classes on Monday, Thursday and Friday that are open to all mothers and a playgroup on Tuesday that’s free.

“It’s also nice the play group is free because a lot of play groups cost money,” said customer and mother Stacie Lauterbach.

Although there are designated classes for moms to bring their children to play with other children, the play room is always available during store hours for moms on the go.

“On Saturday, we stopped in here because we had extra time and he was able to play with the toys, it’s just so nice that they offer that,” said Lauterbach.

Mother and Earth Baby Boutique holds several events during the year from an introduction to cloth diapering to car seat check events.

“We strive to be an essential resource for the community that adjusts as the community demands,” said Ross.

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