When life gives you snow, make an enormous snowball fight

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After the heaviest snowfall of the winter on Feb. 2, Michigan State University  students gathered in Cedar Village to take the snowfall into their own hands. Finding relief and a release, a massive snowball fight hit the streets and  rolled into the night. 

While other neighborhoods made their own fun, a Twitter post from Barstool Spartans called for  a showdown in Cedar Village at 7 p.m. This instigated the largest snowball fight of the night. 

“We saw two big groups of people, one on each side of the street, and they were just chucking  snowballs at each other chanting ‘Go green’ and ‘Go white’,” said Michael Dodde, a  junior majoring in agri-business management at MSU. “It just felt like a big snow day.” 

MSU freshman journalism major Sabrina Seldon said the whole experience was full of  interesting moments. Seldon said she saw shovels, pans, and even household lids being used to  throw snow and as shields. Some even showed their spirit with costumes. 

“People started getting pretty creative. Spiderman showed up, a guy dressed in an eagle suit was  there, and some guys even decided to go shirtless. Just everybody having some good old-fashioned fun. It felt like we were all kids.” 

Sabrina Seldon, North Neighborhood

MSU sophomore Noah Mitchell said even cars were getting in on the fun. 

“Some were driving, trying to get through and people were just nailing their car with snow. It was  insane,” said Mitchell, who is majoring in business. “A couple people rode in the backs of  pickup trucks having funny little wars with us. It was really fun.” 

For Jada Jenkins, a neuroscience student who had to study for an exam, there were regrets.

“There was a lot of laughter, so I was kinda jealous,” said Jenkins “If I was out there, it would definitely be a core memory of when I was  in college because while everything was tense at the time, for one moment it seemed like everything was normal.” 

Dodde said his experience was something to remember and was an all-around wholesome event. 

“My roommates and I were talking about how we’ll tell our grandkids this story,” said Dodde.  “We were making memories.”

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