Direct-care workers share their experiences amid the critical shortage

Countywide, there has been a shortage in the direct-care worker population. Concrete efforts from advocates and workers everywhere are being made to change this trend. According to IMPART Alliance, direct-care workers is a general term referring to individuals who provide essential services through behavioral health, community mental health, and long-term care systems to support individuals with disabilities and older adults. They provide care for individuals who usually are unable to take care of themselves without assistance. Unfortunately, these essential workers are amid a critical shortage.

Ingham parks to become more accessible and inclusive

In an effort to make recreational parks and spaces more inclusive, a variety of accessibility developments will be implemented as a part of Ingham County Parks and Recreation next five-year Master Plan. The county hopes to better accommodate citizens of all abilities.

LEAP keeps Ingham’s helps businesses survive COVID-19

The Regional Economic Development Organization, LEAP, has partnered with Ingham County Sunrise to provide economic relief to small businesses throughout the county since COVID-19 struck.  

Shortly after the approval of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, LEAP and Ingham County bonded in an $11 million contract. They began to devise recovery plans for communities across the county in response to the pandemic. From there, Ingham County Sunrise was born. The program was constructed for the sole purpose of supplying financial relief to small, underrepresented businesses to improve their resiliency in the face of COVID-19. 

 “I think Ingham County really recognized the immediate emergent need that COVID-19 has caused and took action because it’s one of those things where if you don’t act, we never know how things would land,” said LEAP representative Dillon Rush. 

After taking care of administrative fees, Ingham County Sunrise was able to allocate an estimated $8.5 million in competitive grants and $2 million for long-term assistance. With a whopping 1,100 applicants to consider, the program committed to dispersing relief grants based on three priorities: (1) to supply relief to businesses which are able to demonstrate severe negative impact, (2) select applicants who are geographically distributed throughout the business community, (3) assist underrepresented communities with heavy impact. 

Collectively, LEAP and Ingham County Sunrise paid 630 impact grants.

MSU hosts free horse show 

The 2022 Ingham County Fair Foundation Shamrock Shake Horse Show is being held this weekend at MSU’s agriculture and livestock pavilion. Hours are Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The event is free to spectators. Families are welcome, and there are no age restrictions. Participants pay to enter. The county fair’s fundraising arm holds this event, and others like it, to raise funds for improving the fairgrounds and to support youth programs, businesses and agriculture in the community. 

Leasing the facility to the show is a commitment.

Bus stop, no one there

Extreme weather calls for extra precautions in transportation

Ja’kaila TaylorWith 13.3 inches of snow, the roads in mid-Michigan were bound to be challenging. t

Local transportation services of the Greater Lansing Area experience delays following a previous snow emergency. 

On Sunday, the City of East Lansing declared a state of emergency ahead of the expected snow accumulation across mid-Michigan. Two days later, a winter storm warning was issued by the National Weather Service. The storm continued through Thursday, with accumulations of up to 13.3 inches, and winds up to 15 mph clogging roads. The amount of snow accumulated across the greater Lansing area was nothing short of a jam.