Get out and get some art, Ingham

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Ingham County art slideshow

With spring just settling in and summer on the horizon, Ingham County artists strongly recommend their neighbors take advantage of the art at their fingertips. Art serves an important purpose in our daily lives as it gives us visual literacy and a sense of place. 

Ingham artists suggest people  seize creative opportunities and chances to experience art. Michigan State University student Takai Taggart said,“Even though creating art is not for everyone, experiencing art in our communities is essential to stimulating our minds and feeling like you belong there.” Taggart is a personal stylist and graphic designer. She explains that being able to visit local art galleries and aesthetic spaces is vital to her creativity and livelihood.

East Lansing Mayor Pro Tem Jessy Gregg, liaison to the city’s art commission, said  “Having art within communities around the county is truly beneficial in multiple ways. Art plays a major role in place-making and inclusion. It is also used as a tool to engage with residents. As communities invest more in art, people tend to seek out those spaces more often.”

Art on display in communities is frequently the work of local artists. Citizens should take pride in local artwork as it is also a reflection of their towns. Going outside to experience the craft gives individuals perspective about how others are viewing their space 

Andrew Rieder, whose art is  on display in the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, said “There is no prescribed way to experience art. If you have the opportunity to experience an exhibit or something like it even once, I would encourage everybody to take it. The experience is unique to every individual.” Rieder said he would like viewers to engage with his art  as they wish. 

Ingham County is progressing toward incorporating art throughout the area. East Lansing has had an active arts commission for years, Lansing has a newly appointed one, too. Other areas throughout the county have art, for example,  the trail gateways of Mason. 

Here are some local places you can go to enjoy all styles of art: 

  • The Art Alleys of Mason
  • Absolute Gallery
  • Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum 
  • Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center
  • Lansing River Trail ArtPath 
  • Nelson Gallery 
  • Paint With Monet

Rieder said art not only  contributes to visual beautification, it is also an instructional tool.

Gregg said, “Consuming art is kind of a snapshot of someone else’s experience. I think we all can benefit from empathy. We can all benefit from different points of view, and art is an incredibly effective way of communicating that between people. So, I would definitely say go out and consume as much art as you can get your hands on.”