The two sides of the animal control coin

Belinda Fitzpatrick, licensed attorney and MSU graduate looks lovingly into a picture of her chicken, Tap, while remembering the times they had together. 

“I’ve been in treatment for anxiety and depression for about 10 years. And the chickens were something to help me. Because the thing is, my diabetic condition is so bad that I’m not able to work because I’m not able to meet the expectations of an employer. I just wanted to take care of the chickens and they made me feel better,” said Fitzpatrick. 

Animal control is a necessity with issues on  both side. 

Flourish- Jaclyn SellentineThe total live intakes of animals for the Ingham county animal control/shelter. This graph shows the data throughout the years.

Arrows fly as archers climb through the ranks

Jaclyn SellentineTripp focuses on the bullseye as she gears up to take her shot. She has been practicing archery since she was a young girl. The sound of arrows clacking sounded out as archers prepared to shoot. People of all  ages positioned themselves in a horizontal line, bowstrings pulled back as they focused on the bullseye. For many archers, it was their time to shine. 

On Feb.

Ice sculptures bring people together at Potter Park Zoo

Crystals fill the atmosphere as a block of ice is shaved and sculpted meticulously into an animal shape. Wonder fills the eyes of parents and kids as they watch the sculptor turn the block into an alpaca. 

February 12, 13, 19, and 20 at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan, ice sculptures are being featured next to the winter animal exhibits.

“We started with one weekend (last year), but it’s a total of four days this February,” said Adrian Ramirez, 34, the logistics specialist. 

According to Carolyn Fabro, 34, special projects coordinator, all the ice sculptures are based on winter animals at the zoo. 

A street scene empty except for snow.

Snowdrifts shred work shifts

As snow began to fall around Ingham County, so did the number of employees making it into work Wednesday. Roadways began to thicken , and fewer people left their homes to trudge out through the inches of snow. The snowstorm that began Wednesday created problems for different people. Workers were as much affected as anyone else, if not more so.