Snowdrifts shred work shifts

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A street scene empty except for snow.

Jaclyn Sellentine

The streets are empty as snow quietly falls on the streets. Many people were holed up inside during the snowstorm on Wednesday.

As snow began to fall around Ingham County, so did the number of employees making it into work Wednesday. Roadways began to thicken , and fewer people left their homes to trudge out through the inches of snow.

The snowstorm that began Wednesday created problems for different people. Workers were as much affected as anyone else, if not more so. 

Some workers, such as those at Marco’s Pizza on East Lake Lansing Road, benefitted. “It was a lot busier than usual because there were a lot more people ordering online,” said Dawn Walentowski, 47, area supervisor at Marco’s Pizza. Walentowski said the storm slowed deliveries, however sales were up. 

Jake Varner, 20, a leasing agent for the Oaks Apartments, didn’t have to drive to work, but saw firsthand how bad the roads were when he walked through the streets to show people apartments. “We had around six or seven tours, but only two or three people showed up. We had lots of people reschedule for the weekend,” said Varner. “It didn’t affect my hourly pay, however it did affect me showing a tour where I could have gotten commission.” 

Some businesses closed all together. The Meridian Mall in Okemos closed at 4 p.m. due to the snowstorm. “Traffic was not to normal capacity,” said Dan Irvin, general manager at Meridian Mall. “We have to evaluate the roads and make decisions based on the safety of our tenants.” 

Although the snowstorm stopped or slowed many in the workforce Wednesday and Thursday, it is yet to be seen how many suffered financial setbacks.

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