Michigan’s immigrant children left out of health care

IMMIGRANT CHILDREN HEALTH CARE: Michigan is one of 16 states that have yet to provide health care to children who are lawful immigrants. That amounts to denying health care to 3,000 to 4,000 children who are in the state legally with a green card or visa, advocates say. To cover them, the state would have to approve a federal option, like most states, to extend benefits to them. By Barbara Bellinger. FOR ALL POINTS.

A list of 19 wastewater monitoring projects funded by the Department of Health and Human Services

COVID-19 in sewage is new gauge on state dashboard

WASTEWATER MONITORING: State officials are publishing data from 19 Michigan sewage treatment plants and more than 400 wastewater collection systems to create an early warning system for COVID-19 outbreaks. The wastewater monitoring dashboard went live the week of Dec. 6 on the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services wastewater website. We talk to an MSU water expert, a Hope College professor, the Detroit-based Great Lakes Water Authority, and the state health department. By Barbara Bellinger. FOR BIG RAPIDS, DETROIT, GRAND RAPIDS, HOLLAND, SAULT STE. MARIE and TRAVERSE CITY.

Michigan pedestrian deaths rise, safety laws questioned 

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY: Even with fewer drivers on the road due to the pandemic, 2020 saw the number of accidents involving pedestrians rise 17%. We talk to officials in Southeast Michigan, Lansing, Traverse City and Charlevoix as well as the Highway Safety Planning.By Barbara Bellinger. FOR DETROIT, HARBOR SPRINGS, PETOSKEY, LANSING CITY PULSE, TRAVERSE CITY, LEELANAU and ALL POINTS.

Teenage homicides on sharp rise in Michigan

TEENAGE HOMICIDES: Editors – In light of the shootings at Oxford High School we are calling your attention to a story on Michigan teenage homicides that moved on CNS Nov. 7, 2021. We are moving it again with a new top to reflect the Oxford homicides. If you did not use it then, you may wish to use this updated version. The number of Michigan teenagers killed by homicide jumped by 70% from 50 in 2019 to 85 in 2020. That’s more than double the 31% increase of all homicides for the same period, according to the FBI’s recent Uniform Crime Report. Social media, music and environmental triggers may be among the causes, say some experts who work with youthful offenders. We talk to Lansing and Flint youth counselors and a U-M expert. By Barbara Bellinger. FOR ALL POINTS

Homeless shelters offer more than a hot meal and a bed

HOMELESS SHELTER SEASON: People without a roof over their heads get more than a warm place to sleep at many Michigan shelters.They can also find a path to physical and mental health and permanent housing. We talk to shelter officials in Big Rapids, Holland, Grand Rapids, Detroit and Washtenaw County. By Barbara Bellinger. FOR BIG RAPIDS, HOLLAND, GRAND RAPIDS BIZ, DETROIT and ALL POINTS.

New postcards aimed at farmers raise mental health awareness.

Mental health resources grow for Michigan farmers

FARMER MENTAL HEALTH: Suicide has joined weather, crops and markets as a discussion point among some farmers. One year after the state launched a $1 million program to address their mental health, farmers say. We talk to an Osceola County farmer who advises other farmers, a Grand Rapids mental health professional and MSU Extension and Farm Bureau. For news and agriculture sections, By Barbara Bellinger. FOR MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, CADILLAC, REED CITY, WKTV, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, LAKE CITY and ALL POINTS.

showing infants surrendered by region

20 years of safe delivery for Michigan’s newborns

SAFE DELIVERY LAW: A 2001 safe haven law is credited with rescuing 288 infants and dramatically reducing the number of babies illegally abandoned. In the late 1990s, increasing media reports of infants found in dumpsters, on church steps, in bathrooms and on the sides of roads prompted lawmakers to pass the Safe Delivery Law. It allows parents to surrender their infant for adoption legally, safely and confidentially within 72 hours of birth. We talk to a state infant health expert, Right to Life official and Bethany Christian Services. By Barbara Bellinger. Editor’s note: A chart shows surrenders by regions can be used to localize services. FOR ALL POINTS.