More time, income let Michigan retirees influence elections

A Capital News Service study of campaign finance filings found that retirees made about 10% of the contributions to candidates for county treasurer, sheriff and drain commissioner. Retirees also made up close to 6% of the 642 contributions that were over $500. Retirees tend to be more involved in local politics because they have time and money. And even though they may contribute more money in some of the state’s most populous counties, their relative clout is more significant in the smaller counties where they often retire. While nearly a third of Michigan’s residents are 50 or older, one survey found that 60% of Michigan voters in the November 2018 election were 50 or older. By Jasmine Hall and Hannah Brock. FOR ALL POINTS. Editors note: This story is part of a CNS series on money in county political races that can be used up to the election and beyond. The rest of the stories with graphics: County Campaign Finance.

Mason businesses offer physical activities during ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ order

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer executed a “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order March 23 following an increase in cases of COVID-19 in Michigan. All non-essential businesses were ordered to close and Michiganders were ordered to stay home. However, Mason area businesses found alternative ways to help local residents remain active. Owner of Sunset Place, Maya Warvel has invited local residents to use her camp for physical activity. 

Sunset Place is usually a venue for weddings and other events, but they have been cancelled due to the shut-down. However, Warvel said the public is welcome to walk trails at the venue.

Mason City Council opposes plan to drill for oil near high school

Mason City Council has raised concern regarding a permit request from Jordan Development to drill for oil. The council said the drilling well would interfere with area businesses, residences and Mason High School. Jordan Development wants to place a drilling wellhead in a field on Kipp Road. The wellhead would be between Gestamp Mason LLC and King Motors. The city cannot deny a permit to Jordan Development.