CNS Winter 2024 Environmental budget

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JANUARY 8, 2024

To: CNS Editors

From: Eric Freedman

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Editors: This is our traditional winter break environmental package. Our first file of the spring 2024 semester will be on Friday, Jan. 26.

Here is your file:

TURTLES: It took 10 years after the calamitous 2010 spill of millions of gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River, but turtles relocated by the DNR and U.S. Fish & WIldlife Service have made an amazing 45-mile return to their nesting grounds. Researchers from MSU and the University of Toledo explain their discovery. By Reese Carlson. FOR ALL POINTS.

w/TURTLES: An older juvenile northern map turtle rests on a log. Credit: James Harding

KIDS & STURGEON: Students at a Genesee County middle school are raising an endangered young sturgeon in their classroom to learn about conservation and environmental stewardship. It will be released into the wild in the Cass River near Frankenmuth, part of a program designed by Sturgeon for Tomorrow, a group involved with the DNR in the annual sturgeon finishing event at Black Lake near Cheboygan. Other schools participating are in Alcona, Cheboygan, Holt, Indian River, Onaway, Zeeland and Frankenmuth. By Jack Armstrong. FOR PLANET DETROIT, DETROIT, CHEBOYGAN, PETOSKEY, HOLLAND, LANSING CITY PULSE, ALCONA, ALPENA AND ALL POINTS.

w/KIDS & STURGEON BIG RANDY: Big Randy, the sturgeon in Katie Bryant’s seventh-grade class, is pictured in its tank at LakeVille Middle School. Her class is one of several Michigan science classrooms that incorporate sturgeon into their curriculum, using it to teach children about conservation and natural resources. Credit: Katie Bryant

w/KIDS & STURGEON FEEDING: Seventh-grader Keegan Shrader feeds Big Randy at LakeVille Middle School. Shrader and his classmates are responsible for caring for the fish this school year. Credit: Katie Bryant

PEPPER WARS: Guinness World Records recently announced that the world’s new hottest pepper is a veggie known as Pepper X, grown in South Carolina. But a veteran pepper grower from Howell questions Pepper X’s reported heat measurement. and says he’s developed a pepper that’s tastier and more representative of the pepper community. By Daniel Schoenherr. FOR FOWLERVILLE, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, LANSING CITY PULSE AND ALL POINTS.

w/PEPPER WARS KARCHER: Howell pepper grower Ryan Karcher grows Friar’s Fury chilis in pots in his backyard. Credit: Daniel Schoenherr

w/PEPPER WARS FRIAR’S FURY: The orange coloring of Friar’s Fury, created by Howell pepper grower Ryan Karcher, indicates a high maximum heat level. Credit: Daniel Schoenherr

ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM DANGERS COMMENTARY: Environmental journalism can be a high-risk calling because reporting on such issues and uncovering corruption, illegality and abuse of power threatens the economic and political clout of dishonest and incompetent government officials and corporations. We hear first-person accounts from international and U.S. environmental journalists. Commentary for news and opinion sections. By Eric Freedman. FOR ALL POINTS.

w/ ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM DANGERS SAPARKYZY: Kazakhstan journalist Diana Saparkyzy of the independent news agency KazTAG was assaulted while covering a coal mining disaster. Credit: Committee to Protect Journalists

w/ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM DANGERS WHEELER: Tim Wheeler, the associate editor of Bay Journal, based in Maryland, was sued for reporting on environmental violations at a scrapyard near Chesapeake Bay. Credit: Bay Journal

w/ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM DANGERS CALLOQUISPE: Despite threats and attacks, Peruvian journalist Manuel Calloquispe continues to cover environmental controversies, saying, “I decided that if I don’t do it, who else will do it?” Credit: Committee to Protect Journalists

 w/ERIC FREEDMAN PHOTO: Credit: Michigan State University


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