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Sept. 22, 2023

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HEALTH OUTCOMES: Michigan ranks below average overall in health outcomes such as life expectancy and disease prevalence, a new Citizens Research Council report says. Reasons include accessibility and affordability of health care and lack of investment in public health. Another report this year calls for closer collaborations among state and local public health agencies, advocates and health care providers. By Kenzie Terpstra. FOR CORP! GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, LANSING CITY PULSE AND ALL POINTS.

w/HEALTH OUTCOMES GRAPH 1: Premature death rates of Black and white residents residents of Michigan, other Midwestern states and the U.S. Credit: America’s Health Rankings

w/HEALTH OUTCOMES GRAPH 2: Michigan premature death rates by race, 2000-19. Credit: America’s Health Rankings

MUSSELS: Although perilous to native species of mussels, the invading zebra and quagga mussels have helped turn Michigan’s murky waters into a clear blue within the last three decades. Meanwhile, quaggas have become much more plentiful than their zebra cousins in the Great Lakes, St. Clair and Detroit rivers and other lakes and rivers. Researchers, including experts from Portage and the DNR, talk to us. By Kelsey Lester. FOR PLANET DETROIT, MONROE, LUDINGTON, PETOSKEY, MARQUETTE, SAULT STE. MARIE, ST. IGNACE, IRON RIVER, CHEBOYGAN, OCEANA COUNTY, ALCONA, ALPENA, LEELANAU, HARBOR SPRINGS, HOLLAND, DETROIT AND ALL POINTS.

w/MUSSELS PHOTO: Mussel survey on the Grand River showcasing native mussels.

w/MUSSELS MAP: Where zebra mussels have invaded inland lakes. Credit: U.S. Geological Survey


M STEP: Spring 2023 achievement scores of elementary school students on the M-STEP across Michigan rose after a large dip a year earlier, according to the state Education Department. We talk to officials in the Big Rapids and Baldwin districts. By Brandy Muz. FOR BIG RAPIDS, LAKE COUNTY AND ALL POINTS.

RED FLAG LAWS: Law enforcement agencies are wrestling with the challenge of enforcing a new law that requires the subjects of extreme risk protective orders to surrender their firearms. We talk to the Whitehall police chief, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, the lead sponsor from Royal Oak and the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association. By Liz Nass. FOR DETROIT, WKTV, LUDINGTON, LANSING CITY PULSE AND ALL POINTS.

HIGH ENROLLMENTS: Many public campuses report record-high enrollments this fall, reversing a downward trend in recent years. A new scholarship program and an upcoming application program that guarantees admission to high school students who earn at least a 3.0 grade point average are credited, in part, with the current and projected increases. Statewide, however, enrollment is down with some campuses reporting dramatic declines. Grand Valley, MSU, Northern Michigan University, Ferris State, Michigan Tech, University of Michigan-Dearborn, University of Michigan-Flint and Oakland University report increases but Western, Eastern, Central, Saginaw Valley are down. We talk to the Michigan Association of State Universities. By Kayte Marshall. FOR DETROIT, LANSING CITY PULSE, CORP!, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, WKTV, MARQUETTE, IRON RIVER, SAULT STE. MARIE, BIG RAPIDS, GREENVILLE AND ALL POINTS.

MOSQUITOES: Two disease-transmitting mosquito species are heading northward into the coastal areas in the Great Lakes region due to climate change, a new study by EPA scientists warns, and they carry Zika, yellow fever and dengue. Storm surges are likely to become larger, making some places, including Detroit, more hospitable microhabitats for mosquito development. Meanwhile, warming temperatures have allowed the lone star tick to expand its territory northward, including into Southwest Michigan. By Eric Freedman FOR PLANET DETROIT, DETROIT, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, HOLLAND, OCEANA COUNTY, LUDINGTON, TRAVERSE CITY, LEELANAU, PETSKEY, HARBOR SPRINGS, CHEBOYGAN, ALPENA, ALCONA, MONROE AND ALL POINTS.

w/ASIAN TIGER MOSQUITO PHOTO: Asian tiger mosquito. Credit: Center for Invasive Species Research, University of California Riverside

w/YELLOW FEVER MOSQUITO PHOTO: Yellow fever mosquito. Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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