Laying down quilts to sew masks

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After leaving the health care field to raise a family, Sharla Horton thought her says of masks were over. Now, because of Covid-19 she is making them herself.

As the cases of coronavirus continue to increase the supple of PPE is running low. This is when Horton used materials from her quilting business to start sewing.

“I just wanted to help,” Horton said. “I am no seamstress quilting. People seem to think that if you can quit you can sew, so not, that’s not the same thing. some of the patterns were really overwhelming and I just picked the simplest one and I just went with it.

She is asking interested people to message her on Facebook at Busy Bee Creations. You can come pick them up on a rack outside her house for no charge.

“I’ve had people from supermarkets, I’ve had people that are working in restaurants in the drive through that are still open pick them up,” Horton said.

Sharla understands the public’s concerns, she herself as a health condition that puts her at a higher risk for Covid-19.

“This is quite terrifying to be an asthmatic and know that if I get this even though I’m young and I’m pretty much healthy that you know I could get really sick and there might not be a ventilator for me,” Horton said.

This business women is using her fear as motivation.

People are scared and this is just a way that they can have some security knowing that they have this mask and they can go out into public if they have to,” Horton said.

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