Michigan State takes hockey underwater

The first snow arrived in East Lansing this week… that definitely means it’s not swimming season anymore, but now it’s time for hockey. But is it possible to put the two together, swimming and hockey? One club does just that at Michigan State University. “I looked at it and I said, ‘Wow, this is really bizarre, I’m going to do it,'” club Vice President Emily Nestle said.

Justice Heals: connecting survivors and shelter dogs

It’s not every day that you see a collaboration between the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Center for Survivors, but that’s what one program is helping bring together. The program is called Justice Heals and it’s providing sexual assault survivors support while giving shelter dogs a second chance at life. “[It’s] a journey that we would work with the survivors and dogs from start to their finishes or their destination,” said veterinary behaviorist Dr. Marie Hopfensperger, who helped found Justice Heals. Justice Heals is broken down into four steps starting with an initial meeting between the survivor and the dog evolving into gradual meetings like taking the dog for a walk. The final step is the potential to adopt the dog.

Using bones to solve the mystery

Michigan State’s College of Social Science offers 31 different undergraduate majors from economics to criminal justice to history. But, there’s one that goes a little deeper. “We go through the process where we create what’s called the biology profile where we look at the age, sex, ancestry and stature of the individual as estimated from their human skeletal remains,” Dr. Joe Hefner, an assistant professor in the Anthropology Department and Director of the MSU Forensic Anthropology lab, said. Dr. Hefner is a rare kind of professional, being one of about 130 board certified professionals in the country and the anthropology department is a rare kind itself. “We’re one of six PhD programs in the country,” Dr. Hefner said.

WATCH: Wedding Ring found in wildfire

In this week’s news a Michigan boxer is on the road to the Olympics, Pennsylvania polls report voting machine problems during Tuesday’s election and Chris Brown hosts a massive yard sale at his California mansion. All this and more news on this edition of the Spartan News Update.

MSU Paranormal Society goes hunting for ghosts at Fairchild Auditorium

There’s no such thing as ghosts, right? The Michigan State Paranormal Society is here to prove you wrong. A rumor of a ghost sighting at the Fairchild Auditorium has been passed down through the Paranormal Society over the years. While there has been the claim that a few buildings on campus are haunted, such as Mayo hall, there’s no actual evidence of ghosts. Co-President of the Paranormal Society, Ben Goldman, takes us to the auditorium in hopes of finding a ghost.

Michigan State Madness opens up the season for the Spartan basketball teams

These fans have waited six months for one thing… Michigan State Madness. On this particular night, these fans waited in the cold for the mania that is Michigan State Madness. “I’m looking forward to meeting the men’s and women’s basketball teams,” Ferris State Graduate Lucas Wilkins said. Fans could meet the coaches and players, take photographs and get autographs as well.

Watch Focal Point: multiple wildfires in California, Joe Bachie suspended by Big Ten and more.

On this episode of Focal Point News, we take a look at a group of sustainable students that received funding from the state to make CATA Bus stops safer. California’s ongoing wildfires continue to ravage the state with strong Santa Ana winds spreading the flames. Some spartan ghost hunters take us on an exclusive search for spooky activity. Joe Bachie is suspended indefinitely after testing positive for a drug banned by the Big Ten conference. East Lansing residents will be voting for city council members Tuesday, with six candidates running for three spots.