Laying down quilts to sew masks

After leaving the health care field to raise a family, Sharla Horton thought her says of masks were over. Now, because of Covid-19 she is making them herself. As the cases of coronavirus continue to increase the supple of PPE is running low. This is when Horton used materials from her quilting business to start sewing. “I just wanted to help,” Horton said.

Coronavirus cuts final year short for MSU seniors

Seniors at Michigan State University are coping with having
their final year cut short. The spread of the Coronavirus has caused universities across
the nation to switch to online teaching for the remainder of the semester. Kelsey Nickerson, a senior at MSU said it was so abrupt. “I was so confused for like a second I was happy and
then I was like I don’t know if I’m ever going back to class,” Nickerson
said. Campus looks like a ghost town as many students have packed
up their things and returned to their permanent homes.

East Lansing prepares for Final Four

East Lansing bars and area police have made plans for Saturday night’s Final Four game between Michigan Stat University and Texas Tech. They are asking people to stay celebrate smartly and warning that, if trouble occurs, even bystanders can be subject to arrest.

Owner of Good Bites opening restaurant in Mason

Owner of Good Bites Food Truck is opening a new restaurant at the old Baja Grille location. The food truck has been open for almost five years but it has always been John Fraser’s dream to open a restaurant. Grants have been approved and construction should begin this month.