Sexual violence on college campuses

The number of sex crimes reported on U.S. college campuses increased by 50 percent over the last decade, according to the latest Indicators of School Crime and Safety survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice. While sexual violence is difficult to measure, factors such as grade level, gender and rates of campus crime reporting can help determine the prevalence of sexual violence.

Rates for some crimes fall in Lansing, but it doesn’t feel that way to all

By Alana Easterling
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Some things are just not adding up: when it comes to crime, Lansing residents are saying one thing, while data is saying another. Crime rate data for Lansing displays a decrease in some crime rates, but some Lansing residents feel that crimes rates haven’t decreased, but have gotten worse. Lansing crime rate data shows that the crime rates in Lansing have fluctuated since 2002, but they have indeed decreased since then as well. In 2007 there were 14.1 murders for every 100,000 residents, and just six years later in 2013, that rated decreased by half to 7 murders for every 100,000 residents. Though statistics and those behind the scenes say crime has decreased, some Lansing residents feel otherwise.

In the shadow of Kalamazoo, police hope to keep Grand Ledge safe

By Madison Morse
Living in the Ledge Staff Reporter

An act of violence can occur at any moment, place or time. This became all too real on Feb. 20 when a mass shooting in Kalamazoo left six people dead and two injured. This tragedy has the community of Grand Ledge
buckling down to stay one of the safest cities in Michigan. “We can take a lot of information from the shootings,” said Lt. Chris Blievernicht of the Grand Ledge Police Department.

Overall crime rate declining in St. Johns …

By Rachel Bidock
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — According to the St.Johns Police Department Annual Report, St. Johns crime rate is at one of the lowest rates it has been in eight years, with a combined 198 index and non-index crimes. Index and non-index crimes are defined in the report as either serious crimes such as murder, criminal sexual conduct and robbery or other crimes such as simple assault, bad checks, and forgery. St.

Road salt still a go-to for wintery Lansing roads, but city eyeing a change

By Alexander Smith
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Road salt is one of the state’s top tools to keep cars on the road during winter, but for how much longer? In Lansing, it’s still an important tool in the city’s snow removal program. “Generally speaking, we’ll apply salt down to maybe 10 degrees, then we’ll apply what’s called a sand-salt mix, because salt will not react if the temperature gets too cold,” said Public Service Director Chad Gamble. “It’ll just be rocks on the roadway, which is no good.”

Gamble said even though some streets are left unsalted, major plow operations use 200 to 300 tons of the sand-salt mix. “We don’t apply salt to all 400 miles of neighborhood streets, it’s somewhat of a waste of money,” said Gamble.

Local law enforcement works to eliminate drunk driving from Holt's streets

By Anna Shaffer
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

In Holt, like many other towns in all over the country, driving while intoxicated is a problem. A problem local Ingham County Delhi Division sheriff’s deputies are working hard to eliminate. Although there has not been an increase in the number of operating while impaired (OWI) arrests in Holt over the years, it is still a number Lt. Dennis Hull would like to see decrease. “Ideally, we would like the number of arrests for intoxicated driving to be zero,” said Hull. According to the 2014 Michigan Annual Drunk Driving Audit distributed by the Michigan Department of State Police Criminal Justice Information Center, Ingham County ranked sixth-highest in the state for number of OWI arrests with 1,093 arrests.

Ram Trail Two design is in the works after successful opening of the Ram Trail

By Austin Short
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

After the opening of the 1.5-mile Ram Trail in early December, Delhi Township administration is in the midst of designing Ram Trail Two, which will start at the Holt Road and Eifert Road intersection and travel north-east towards Jaycee Park and Cedar Street. “These trails have been very popular amongst citizens and in my 27 years working for the township I think the trails are one of our greatest contributions to the community,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Mark Jenks. According to Tracy Miller, Director of Community Development, construction of the new trail will most likely begin in spring of 2017 and be completed that fall. “There is some property across from Eifert Road that the township owns. There is a worn out two track back there that people use and that is something that could be a part of Ram Trail Two,” said Jenks.