WATCH: President Trump nominates a new deputy attorney and Bernie Sanders announced he’s running for president again

This week on the Spartan Newsroom update: President Trump nominates Jefferey Rosen as deputy attorney general. In addition, Tuesday afternoon, Bernies Sanders announced he will be running again for president in 2020. Sanders said this is just a continuation of his 2016 campaign. Finally, Ivanka Trump visited a UPS facility Wednesday morning in Georgia, with the intention of supporting workers proper training in a work place.

WATCH: President Trump addresses the nation, Michigan’s roads remain icy, and more

This week on the Spartan Newsroom Update: President Trump delivers his second State of the Union Address, he calls for unity but confuses the left by bringing up the Mueller investigation. Also, look out: Tuesday night’s ice storm has left Michigan’s roadways in a hazardous state – expect more for Thursday morning’s commute. And in national news: the opioid crisis hits moms, a young female’s body is found in a suitcase in Connecticut and a bus driver is shot in Minnesota.

WATCH: Attempted New York terrorist attack, the government shutdown continues to day 33 and more.

This week on the Spartan Newsroom Update: Four men were arrested in New York due to possession of 23 weapons, with intentions of bombing the Islamberg. The case is under investigation. The government has been shut down for 33 days, the longest in history. The Senate will vote on two bills on January 23 with the hope that the government will reopen. In lighter news, Jeff Bezos launched his tenth rocket this morning carrying nine NASA research experiments.