“If you wanna know me, ask!” Chinese student organization deals with cultural stereotypes

On April 7, Humans of East Lansing, a Chinese student-run media platform that explores stories in the community, hosted an event titled “If you wanna know me, ask!” at the East Lansing Public Library. The purpose of this event was to break barriers and misunderstandings between community groups. The event divided people into four roundtables and invited people from various cultural backgrounds to talk to each other.  



“Just don’t be afraid to learn about other people and ask about what other people are interested in.

Students explain strategies for affording expensive merchandise on a college budget

Every semester, student loans and tuition bills add up, and students seek help with the cost for school. Part-time jobs and work study can help with a few necessities and maybe even bills outside of school, but how do students manage to afford pricey name brand and designer items while on a college budget? An informal survey conducted by the Spartan Newsroom showed that some students use money from saving, refunds from school, and the support of their parents to buy their expensive merchandise. “I feel like, ‘Why not treat yourself?’” said education senior Kiana Jordan. “I don’t think there’s an issue with spending your refund from school on things you typically can’t afford if you take care of your business first and have money left over.”

Jordan said she thinks there’s a problem when students try to buy things they can’t afford, and their bills remain unpaid.

What to wear: April showers or May flowers


With the weather changing and fashion styles changing with it, how do you decide what to wear with this confusing weather? Just this week, Michiganders experienced snow, rain, wind and sunshine. When the weather changes, so does a person’s style. Students on Michigan State’s campus gave tips on what to keep in your closet during these confusing weather times. MSU communication graduate Maya Askew defines herself as fashionable.

Meet the candidates for the Michigan House’s 69th District

These people are running to be state representative for Michigan’s 69th House District, which includes East Lansing, Haslett, Okemos, Williamstown Township and Locke Township. Rep. Sam Sing, D-East Lansing, is finishing his third term representing the district. The primary election is Aug. 7. The candidate biographies are below.