Local favorites in Downtown Williamston

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After a morning at Williamston Crossfit, residents said Downtown Williamston has several places to replace the calories just burned.

“My brother told me about Crossfit so I decided to try it out back home, and I loved it,” said Michigan State student and Williamston Crossfit member Angela Sanchez. “Having a Crossfit studio not too far from school is really convenient, plus the community here is so welcoming.”

Just a five-minute walk from Crossfit, locals said, is one groovy place.

“It is the same crowd every day,” said Groovy Donuts employee Lucas Howe. “We are just so driven by the community and we are so thankful for that. Come get some fritters that are the size of your face. Peace, love and donuts.”

Once the morning fuel is complete, residents recommend the D&W Fresh Market for its pistachio muffin and Sunnyside Café.

“We are definitely loyal customers,” said Missy Rouse, a Sunnyside Cafe employee. “I am part of the family who owns it, and I have seen the loyalty for 14 years now. We have a great community that keeps us going because they love our homemade sausage gravy.”

Nu Concept is the cherry on top

Food … Food … Food is not the only thing in downtown Williamston. Nu Concept Salon in downtown Williamston has a diverse amount of services to get a trim or even a blowout.

“We definitely have our regulars from the area, but we also have a lot of customers that come in from Howell, Lansing and Detroit,” said Ashlee Pixly a hairstylist at Nu Concept Salon. “We offer a board amount of services and gift certificates as well for those that want to gift our services.”

Now to complete your day, a resident Tuesday and Thursday favorite, a movie showing at the Sun Theater. There is so much more to do at Williamston especially as the season are shifting to warmer weather, such as a morning stroll through McCormick Park if Crossfit is not your cup of tea. There are so many activities in Williamston, it is not only worth a visit but a day well spend.

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