Q & A: Rising grocery prices challenge a South Korean shopper

SEOUL — For South Korean mothers who go grocery shopping every week, the increase in the prices of groceries is having a big influence. They need to reset ‘Things to Buy’ lists and budget for grocery shopping. In South Korea, the prices of fresh foods have increased over the past two months. Fresh foods include fish, vegetables, and fruits. The percentage of increase in the prices of fresh goods reached 10.5 percent this month.

Millions of visitors come to Chinese city of Jiuzhaigou for vacation

JIUZHAIGOU, China — Jiuzhaigou is the only place in China with the two Laurel of “World Natural Heritage” and “World Biosphere Reserve” at the same time, it is known as “fairyland” and “fairy tale world.” With summer vacation quickly approaching, various groups of people choose Jiuzhaigou as their place of interest. In 2016, there were over 5 million visitors in total, and the tourism income reached ¥805 million, which is around $115 million. “There are visitors all the time, and throughout the entire year,” said Ting Fan, one of the tour guides of Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area. “Jiuzhaigou’s colors change throughout the course of the year.

Traverse City dilemma: “Sanctuary City” or not?

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Human Rights commissioners of Traverse City are allegedly looking to make the northwestern Michigan city more “immigrant-friendly.” One way of doing so would be to declare sanctuary status, or making TC known as a “Welcoming City.”

“There are jobs in Northern Michigan that need immigrants to take them,” says Mark Dixon, who has been a citizen of Traverse City for over 60 years. “Faming here, especially with the abundance of cherry crops, attracts a lot of immigrants, as well as some jobs at Munson, the local hospital.”

“This had never been an issue before (President Donald) Trump’s presidency,” says Dixon. “I think this is because he initially campaigned with restrictions to countries like Mexico by ‘building a wall’ across the border.”

Early in Trump’s presidency, an executive order attempted to withhold federal grants to sanctuary cities. However, at the end of April, a federal judge in San Francisco put a nationwide end to this.

Photos from the Lansing Sanctuary City movement

Following the election of President Trump and the advent of his harsh immigration policies, a nationwide movement was galvanized to declare certain cities as “Sanctuary Cities.” A Sanctuary City is one that declares its intention to not follow the federal government’s immigration regulations, through a city council resolution.