Seniors doing their ankle exercises during the cool down session.

Physical and mental health improvements for seniors in Holt

At the Sam Corey Senior Center in Holt, seniors come to exercise, stretch and have a good time. “I believe that government assistance is a great thing, it supports a lot of seniors, like me, in many ways,” Mary Atkinson, Sam Corey senior visitor said. “I am retired now and can’t afford all of the things that are needed for my health. I am on Medicare and it is very helpful knowing that the government is helping me in any way possible. I appreciate the things that are being done for me like covering my hospitals visit and medication for my blood pressure.”

Senior health has been a major concern in the United States, with inventions like Life Alert, advantages like American Association of Retired Persons or assistance with Medicare.

MSU student Mariah Hill holding up the Black Power fist in celebration of her voting in the election on Nov. 8th

MSU NAACP & EBC election watch party brings MSU students out

MSU’s East Black Caucus and NAACP hosted an Election Watch Party on Nov. 8 in Wells Hall. As electoral votes for the elections came in that night African-American student had various opinions, feelings and concerns after final election results as a community at MSU.

Donald Trump Jr. continues to speak about political issues that his father, Donald Trump, plans to address.

Donald Trump Jr. Rally and Protest at MSU

Donald Trump Jr. visited Michigan State’s Campus on November 2nd, 2016 to rally the community in support of his father, President-Elect Donald Trump. Along with the rally at the MSU Union, protestors filled the halls outside of where the rally was held.

One student stands up among the others to voice her opinion on what the community needs to do and what she has experienced in the last day since Donald Trump became the President-elect.

“The Day After”

MSU students gather for “The Day After” event hosted at MSU’s Business Complex. Students came to listen to a selected panel of staff and MSU community members speak about their thoughts and feelings of the happenings on election day.

Nov. 7, the student organization North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO) has the executive board meeting in G33 Hubbard hall NAISO room before the day of election.

Individuals with Native American heritage share their election stories

Individuals with the Native American heritage shares their stories before, during and after the U.S. election 2016. Cassandra Shavrnoch is a MSU senior serving as one of the co-chairs for the North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO). Jordan Hood is a MSU senior first time voting. Joe Webster is a therapist who was invited as a guest speaker at the Native Fall Feast hosted by NAISO.

Bernie Sanders rally

Senator Bernie Sanders visits Michigan State University campus on October 6th to rally support for Democratic presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton.